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MP requires modernized central firearm registration

MP wants police to modernize firearm registration.

  • MP says it needs an up-to-date electronic central firearms registry.
  • Pieter Groenewald, the leader of FF Plus, also proposed a law change.
  • The police portfolio committee visited the CFR on Saturday and was not impressed by the turmoil it found.

MP wants a modernized Central Firearms Registration (CFR) and legislative amendment after the Police Portfolio Committee. Visit the facility On the weekend.

SAPS top brass, including General Khehla Sitole of the National Commission, explained to the Commission a huge amount of unprocessed portion of the process of firearm license applications and amnesty in the registry.

“The Commission was not impressed with the raw material and proposed a fully digitized application system instead of the current system, which turned out to be cumbersome and inefficient,” said Chairman Tina Joemat- Read Pettersson’s statement.

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“According to SAPS, there is an ongoing process of modernization, and bids to computerize the firearms license application system to allow citizens to renew their licenses online have already been advertised.”

In a statement, DA MP Andrew Whitfield said a surveillance visit revealed that the CFR was dysfunctional and failed to meet its obligations under the Firearms Control Act of 2000. The entire firearm application process is done online. “

Whitfield told the Commission:

Files piled up in the corridors on each floor due to lack of space, inadequate use of IT systems, lack of staff, and buildings declared unsafe are all sources of confusion seen in the CFR. Under these conditions, staff morale is lower than ever, resulting in a solid level of productivity.


Police said they had revealed that the amnesty application had been piled up on the floor when it arrived.

“This will submit an amnesty request at the bottom of thousands of sheets of paper at the beginning of the amnesty. Therefore, if you are one of the first amnesty applicants, the application may be processed last. .. “

He notified the Commission in February 2021 that only 4% (or 2059) of the 50 962 applications received during the 2019-2020 amnesty period were finalized. I remembered what I did. Of the amnesty received between 2020 and 2021, only 0.92% of 30 356 (ie 280) was completed.

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“Thousands of South Africans waiting for a firearm license remain vulnerable due to the failure of the CFR, which is unacceptable,” Whitfield said.

He wrote to Joemat-Pettersson, stating that he had asked Congress to present its turnaround plan as an urgent matter.

Pieter Groenewald, leader of FF Plus, described the CFR as “disordered and chaotic,” adding that this was the reason why progress in firearm license applications and final proof of competence was stopped.

“There doesn’t seem to be enough space to hold a large number of forms, and there are no signs of a functional filing system. When an individual asks a question about their document, it’s annoying, if not impossible. The task of finding the form in question. “

“The problem is exacerbated by the facility. It is not safe and inadequate. It seems that there is a structural problem in the building due to lack of proper maintenance and cracked walls, which is serious. It poses a serious safety risk. To tell the truth, the building should be evacuated. “

Groenewald added that he warned police that when the new firearms law came into force, it would put a heavy administrative burden on police.

He said the law should be amended.

“Currently, there are too many bureaucratic formalisms related to firearm licenses. You only have one firearm license and you don’t have to renew your license every five years. The same applies to competence certificates. “

He also sought a suitable electronic system.

Another possible solution would be to privatize the entire system, Groenewald said.

“This issue requires urgent attention. Police services have disappointed all firearm owners and traders, and the essential services that must be provided to the public are not currently available.”

MP requires modernized central firearm registration

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