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Mpumalanga fraudster sold homes ‘that weren’t for sale’

Annica Van Staden (46) is wanted by the Hawks’ Serious Commercial Crimes Investigation Team in Mpumalanga for suspected fraud, after orchestrating a devastating plan that defrauded thousands of potential buyers. The suspect, who has been in hiding for nearly six months, took payments on homes that were simply NOT for sale.

‘Find the fraudster’: hawks looking for a ‘fake real estate agent’

After releasing a wanted list on Monday for a number of violent crimes, SAPS and the Hawks are now seeking the public’s help in a bid to bring this fraudster to justice. The following case details have been established:

  • – His calculated crime wave lasted from October 2014 to July 2015.
  • – Van Staden is said to have transferred money to other agents she employed, after taking payments for “not for sale” houses.
  • – However, none of them, including herself, was registered with the Real Estate Agency Affairs Council.
  • – She was arrested in Protea Glen, Soweto in August 2019 for fraud – before the case was postponed for 15 months.
  • – However, the scammer never returned to court in November 2020 after posting a bond, and the Hawks need help tracking her down.

Mpumalanga SAPS sneaky diagram detail

As can be understood, the authorities are furious with Van Staden. Anyone who knows where she is is urged to contact the Hawks’ investigative team – and their contact details can be found here.

Meanwhile, the SAPS statement gives more details about the racquet the 46-year-old was running. She was operating in a number of towns in Mpumalanga, and a similar criminal case had already been opened against her in Nelspruit.

“The suspect had a registered business called Housing First Property in Mpumalanga. Its modus operandi was to sell Reconstruction and Development Program (RDP) houses, repossessed houses as well as private properties in the vicinity of Middelburg, Witbank, Secunda and Kriel. It was established that the houses she sold were not for sale.

“It is further alleged that the buyer had to pay the down payment on a house or the sale price in his business, the Housing First property. Van Staden defrauded the buyers by not transferring the properties to their names and had to pay off mortgage loans on properties they never acquired. She no longer resides in Middelburg, we do not know where she is. “

Mpumalanga fraudster sold homes ‘that weren’t for sale’

SourceMpumalanga fraudster sold homes ‘that weren’t for sale’

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