Mustang Mach-E GT – Ford’s fastest five-seater

According to details of its latest global EV strategy, Ford sees a big production increase for the Mustang Mach-e. And while the first half of 2022 is hardly an ideal measure, is the newly quoted ambition of 270,000 annual sales realistic?

The car itself is certainly close to a class leader in many ways, but it’s far from an affordable, mass-market vehicle.

ChIna sales – low but growing

According to his own statement to the media (July 7), “Ford brand electric vehicle sales exceeded 1,900 units in the second quarter.” Presumably most were locally built Mach-Es.

In fact, CFA, the US company’s JV with Changan, delivered 3,576 examples of the locally produced Mach-e, and that’s a good result considering the car’s premium prices in all markets, the chip crisis and Covid travel restrictions in China (remember, Shanghai was closed city in June).

Will it exceed 100,000 in 2023?

Let’s take a look at the Blue Oval’s home market. Cuautitlán, the car’s only plant in North America, built 33,953 examples of the electric SUV, and of those, 17,675 were exported to the US.

Of the remaining 16,278, a large percentage will be shipped to Europe, with the UK market being one of the main ones. And this despite the fact that the price has become even higher than a few months ago.

Prices in the luxury segment

It’s no longer shocking to see Hyundai or Kia pricing some of their cars north of fifty thousand pounds. Additionally, Land Rover believes that people will accept the £80,000 base price for the new Range Rover Sport. So is ‘from £72,830’ a crazy amount for a top-spec Mach-E?

A better question would be, is the GT worth the price that Ford of Britain is charging among these fastest and most luxuriously appointed Mustang Mach-E derivatives?

You can spend around seventy-five grand choosing options like the glass roof, removable towbar, and the Cyber ​​Orange paint you can see above. The car I spent a few days with had these additions and the farm certainly made it stand out.

Open room

As for the cabin, it is not so different from other options. So what it has in common with rival Tesla Model Y is an interior that isn’t what some buyers expect from a high-end luxury car. Anyway, there is plenty of space and the boot volume is 402 litres. Additionally, there is a (very small) one in the front, even if two cables take up most of it.

Almost 500 horsepower

As for the question, is it worth the cost? If you equate power with a high price, then the GT certainly qualifies, with a combined output of 358 kW (487 PS) and 860 Nm from its two engines. And the battery pack? It has 88kWh (net) of power, allowing for a real-world range of 250-290 miles, depending on how you drive.

In addition to the extra power and torque, the fastest Mach-E was also given standard all-wheel drive, special 20-inch wheels fitted with bespoke Pirelli tires, stiffer (steel) suspension and larger Brembo front discs.

Whispering, active or unruly

The GT also comes with an ‘Untamed Plus’ driving mode. Unless you can find a road free of other cars, it’s probably best left for track days, where its software-altering stability and traction control can best be enjoyed in safety.

Acceleration is on par with the best four-wheel-drive electric cars, Ford has fitted this fastest Mach-E with a new oil-cooled, permanent magnet, synchronous rear-mounted motor. It reaches maximum torque in just half a second and supports another axle on the front axle.

Always RWD-biased, the GT still changes its torque split depending on whether you choose Whisper, Active or Untamed Plus.

Often such settings promise a lot, but do very little that you will notice. However, each has a really different feel here. If only there was a thrilling sound that accompanied the sportier two of the three modes. Fortunately, the Mustang Mach 1 exists for those who prefer grunt.
The GT can’t match the V8-powered car for steering finesse – which is all about the Mach-E.


Overall, this is a very good car, make no mistake; But it is not a class leader. The BMW iX, which is not that expensive, is definitely better. And that’s one thing: at this level, Ford has to be great in every way.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E GT has an official WLTP range of 500 km or 310 miles. The maximum speed is 200 km/h.

Mustang Mach-E GT – Ford’s fastest five-seater

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