“My disappointing race shouldn’t be the focus” – Leclerc sees Sainz’s victory positively

A radiance Carlo Sainz celebrated his first Formula 1 victory with a spectacular triumph at the British Grand Prix on Sunday, but his Ferrari team still had questions.

The 27-year-old Spaniard, who had started from his maiden pole position in his 150th race, fended off a late attacking Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, who recovered from 17th place, to take the flag by 3.7 seconds in front of a record crowd of 142,000 spectators.

Sainz’s victory ended Red Bull’s run of six straight wins.

But after another frustrating afternoon for Charles Leclerc, who finished fourth, there were still questions about Ferrari’s tactics and race management on a day when a one-two seemed on the cards.

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Sainz, who spent his early racing career in England, celebrated his first F1 win at the Silverstone high-speed circuit, where he secured his first victory as a teenager.

“Silverstone is a special place for me,” said Sainz. “My very first race win in Formula 3 was here and now 12 years later I get the same result in F1! It’s a special result here for me.

“I don’t know what to say. It’s incredible. My first F1 win, 150 races later, with Ferrari and at Silverstone. I just can’t ask for more. It’s a very special day. I’m very, very happy “Lewis (Hamilton) was on, I heard, but we managed to stay close. I struggled with the balance. It wasn’t easy, but I kept believing that it could still happen and I had to stay in the race – and the safety Car came and I made it.

“It wasn’t easy! I was nervous during the safety car restart. I had to make it.”

Carlos Sainz Jr

Championship restart

Ferrari had arrived at Silverstone after a string of disappointing results, desperate to win to restart their championship challenges after leading earlier in the season.

Twice in recent races they had seen Leclerc pull away from the lead with engine failures, lose another win due to a botched strategy decision and miss another chance by starting at the back of the grid due to an engine penalty.

It was a critical weekend for Leclerc and he was disappointed again as he failed to capitalize on series leader and world champion Max Verstappen’s woes and finished only seventh.

“I did my best,” he said. “But it wasn’t enough and of course it’s disappointing.” “At the end of the race it was very nice to be so close, but on the other hand I had ‘hard’ and everyone else was on ‘soft’. After the race, Mattia (Binotto, Ferrari team boss) wanted to cheer me up and we talked. That’s it. nothing else.

“We have to look at the global picture. From my side I only have my race and I feel like I’ve lost so much time – it’s just my perspective but I haven’t seen the bigger picture. I don’t want to Focus needs to be on my disappointing race. It is very special for my team-mate to win his first race in Formula 1.”

“My disappointing race shouldn’t be the focus” – Leclerc sees Sainz’s victory positively

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