Mzansi Magic canceled “Queen” on air 7 years later

Mzansi Magic It became known that they were getting out of the way Queen.

According to the statement, the last episode will air on January 13 next year, where it says that the channel’s strategies have been “revised to keep track of changes in audience preferences and the development of competitors.”

Unconfirmed information was recently spread on Twitter by entertainment commentator Phil Mfella that the show had released two actors and Queen Will not be renewed for another season.

Lessed Matsuniane-Ferguson, who is the casting director at Ferguson Films, denied reports that Brenda Ngxol and Vuyo Ngkukana had not left the show, but his mother was not interested in the fate of the telenovela.

The manufacturing company also took to Facebook to deny the claims and said they were fake news.

None of the actors leave #TheQueenMzansi. No one was fired. We have a good relationship with both of them and the rest of the cast. “Thank you,” the post reads.

Mzansi Magic canceled “Queen” on air 7 years later

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