N.Korea ramps up production of drugs and medical supplies to fight COVID – SABC News

North Korea is ramping up production of medicines and medical supplies, including sterilizers and thermometers, as it battles an unprecedented coronavirus outbreak, state media KCNA said on Thursday.

The isolated country, which has imposed a nationwide lockdown, is also increasing production of traditional Korean medicines to reduce fever and pain, KCNA said, calling them “effective in preventing and curing the malignant disease.”

A widespread COVID-19 wave, which North Korea first confirmed last week, has fueled concerns about shortages of medical resources and vaccines, with the UN Human Rights Agency warning of “devastating” consequences for its 25 million people.

At least 262,270 other people reported fever symptoms, and one other person died Wednesday night, KCNA said, citing data from the state’s Emergency Prevention Center.

It was not specified how many people tested positive for the virus.

North Korea has so far reported 1,978,230 people with fever symptoms and 63 deaths, and imposed strict antivirus measures.

Factories in the capital Pyongyang and surrounding regions are producing more injections, medicines, thermometers and other medical supplies “at lightning speed” while more isolation wards have been installed and disinfection work stepped up across the country, KCNA said.

“Thousands of tons of salt were urgently transported to Pyongyang to make an antiseptic solution,” KCNA said.

The reports came after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un criticized the ineffective distribution of drugs and blasted officials for it “immature” responses to the epidemic.

Without a national vaccination campaign and COVID-19 treatment, state media has encouraged patients to use painkillers and antibiotics, as well as unproven home remediesB. gargling salt water or drinking lonicera japonica tea or willow leaf tea.

South Korea and the United States have each offered to help North Korea deal with the outbreak, including sending aid, but have received no response, Seoul’s deputy national security adviser said Wednesday.

However, three aircraft from the North Korean Air Koryo arrived in China and returned to Pyongyang with medical supplies on Monday, a diplomatic source said on condition of anonymity.

N.Korea ramps up production of drugs and medical supplies to fight COVID – SABC News

Source link N.Korea ramps up production of drugs and medical supplies to fight COVID – SABC News

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