N.Korea says viral conditions are ‘controlled’ – SABC report

North Korea said on Tuesday it was seeing a “stable” situation with the first COVID-19 outbreak, reporting less than 200,000 patients with fever symptoms for the third day following Tuesday.

COVID, announced May 12, has raised concerns about a lack of vaccines, inadequate health facilities and potentially serious food shortages in 25 million countries.

At least 134,510 people showed signs of fever as of Monday evening, taking the number to 2.95 million by the end of April, the KCNA news agency reported.

The death toll rose to 68.

The KCNA said the country was reporting “success” in the fight against COVID outbreaks.

“Within a few days, the highest emergency immunization program has been introduced, the number of deaths in the country has dropped dramatically and the number of recovered has increased, leading to the prevention and control of the spread of infectious diseases. good and safe. stable condition, “KCNA said.

The North said it was expanding the production of essential drugs, though it did not specify exactly the type of product being produced.

Obviously without experimental assistance, North Korea has not yet confirmed the number of people testing positive for coronavirus.

Instead, health professionals report the number having fever symptoms, making it harder to determine how much COVID flu, experts say.

North Korea says authorities are distributing food and medicine across the country, sending health workers to help distribute drugs and test.

South Korea and the United States have pledged to help North Korea fight the disease, including vaccines, but Pyongyang has not responded.

N.Korea says viral conditions are ‘controlled’ – SABC report

Source link N.Korea says viral conditions are ‘controlled’ – SABC report

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