Namibia: Student’s “Overwhelming”

Namibia Open Learning College (Namcol) is overwhelmed by students trying to book by phone to enroll in 2021.

Heroldt Murangi, director of the university, said he was the first to introduce a telephone booking system to mitigate the Covid-19 epidemic at registration centers.

Students must book by phone, participate in the registration process, collect study materials, and give them dedicated time to enroll in the national exam.

To facilitate this, new lines have been activated at headquarters and in the region.

However, Mr Murangi said the center was overwhelmed by the phone and some students could not book.

“To mitigate the deficit left by the system, we had to stop immediately because we didn’t get the results we expected and returned to regular registration last Thursday,” Murangi said.

Students will be issued a number for the day to avoid a large number of registered locations nationwide and can only support up to 70 learners per day.

Mr Murangi, who was speaking at a media briefing in Windhoek, said the registration process began on February 22nd.

“This process begins in all regions and is a major activity of the university’s academic calendar, requiring careful planning, usually at the end of the previous year, including packing and shipping of materials to the region,” Murangi said. Says.