NASA will test SpinLaunch’s ability to throw satellites into orbit

NASA Registered to test SpinLaunch’s special whirl ‘n’ hurl space launch technology.Accelerate the projectile to hypersonic speed using an electric centrifuge Instead of a rocket, it is thrown into the sky like a space disk. New Atlas Report: The idea behind SpinLaunch is astonishing as it deserves the company name. The idea of ​​winding up a satellite and throwing most of it into orbit is mind-boggling. However, initial tests showed that the company’s kinetic launch system, which closely resembles a turbocharger, is an environmentally friendly and potentially cost-effective alternative to first-stage rocket launch. [T]His company said it would be suitable for small projectiles weighing up to about 440 pounds (200 kg) with super-powerful satellites capable of handling the forces involved. The SpinLaunch system does the first part, throwing it high into the air where the second stage rocket can take over and finally push it into orbit.

And the advantages are quite attractive. SpinLaunch says removing the first stage rocket from the projectile could cut about 70 percent of the fuel and structure needed for a conventional projectile, and use a quarter of the fuel to properly load the orbit. One tenth of the price NASA is one of many parties interested in this possibility, and is currently signing a Space Act contract with SpinLaunch, a NASA payload for this kinetic launch system to be thrown into the sky from Spaceport America, New Mexico in a test flight. develop and integrate late this year.

This, like all SpinLaunch “regular” test flights to date, will be a slower sub-orbital launch at speeds closer to 1,000 mph (1,600 km/h, Mach 1.3) than 5,000 mph. The payload is designed to carry out various measurements to be analyzed in both groups. Any non-proprietary information learned from these tests will be made public, and SpinLaunch says it’s working towards a first orbital launch in 2025. A rendering published by SpinLaunch late last year shows: how their system works.

NASA will test SpinLaunch’s ability to throw satellites into orbit

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