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The trial for the murder of murdered teen Nathaniel Julies returns to court for a preliminary trial on June 3. The preliminary hearing scheduled for today in the Superior Court of the Palm Ridge Magistrates has been postponed.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has urged the Julies family to be patient as the trial over their son’s death is ongoing.

A 16-year-old boy with Down syndrome Police shot dead in El Dorado Park August 2020.

Three police officers charged with murder 2020 by Nathaniel Julies. Simon Scorpion Ndyalvana, kaylen whiteboy Vorster Netshiongolo was charged with murder, the end of justice, possession of prohibited ammunition, and assisting in murder.

After a long delay, the trial finally started in October. The case, however, was hampered by the unexpected death of Judge Ramarumo Monamo earlier this year.

NPA spokeswoman Phindi Mjondonwan said courts would have to continue investigating the witness’s credibility and a record of the case would not suffice.

Mjondowane said the judges will each make their own observations about the witnesses and their attitudes so that the trial can begin anew for the benefit of both victims and defendants.”

More about death

A lawsuit in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court in October last year revealed details about how a teenager was shot and killed.

The state’s second witness, SAPS officer Mandla Sithole, was at the scene with four colleagues, two of whom are charged with murder.

The main witness, Sithole, was a student cop at the time. He wanted to buy food, so he asked two police officers to put him in a police car.

The van was driven by two defendants, Simon Ndyalvane. He told him that Ndyalvan had to bring the defendant Caylene Whiteboy on their way.

He testified that after picking her up they passed the store and Whiteboy pulled out a shotgun and fired a few shots at a group of boys. He said that Ndyalvane also shot him.

Then, on their way back from shopping at Southgate Mall, they parked a police van next to a stopped truck that was suspected of carrying stolen auto parts. And there, Julies is said to have been shot.

“She was in front of me as the accused was eating in the car with a shotgun. Defendant 2’s driver’s window was facing the direction of the truck. From his position he could see the truck. And there was just a loud noise.”

Sithole told the court that the two officers ran towards Julies.

“After the assault, the two defendants jumped out of the car and ran towards the lying boy. “He got there and picked up the boy, the cop went back and opened the van, and the two put the boy into a state-owned vehicle,” he said.

Here are more details about the murders in the report below:

An autopsy last year found 189 grains in Jules’ lifeless body. The shocking information resulted in the teen’s mother collapsing in court after expressing shock and disappointment in the news.

More details in the report below:

– Additional report by Horisani Sithole

Nathaniel Julies returns to court before trial, family urges to be patient – SABC News

Source link Nathaniel Julies returns to court before trial, family urges to be patient – SABC News

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