Netflix introduces Japanese studio contract and anime entry – SABC News

Netflix Inc on Tuesday announced the signing of several films at Studio Colorido of Japan, as the grand prize honors its anime offering and looks Asia for growth.

Netflix is ​​collaborating on three films in Studio Colorido including “Drifting Home”, which starts in September as it invests more in the original anime. The film will also appear in indoor cinemas.

The anime has shown pics for Netflix in both Japan, where almost 90% of its users watch it, as well as worldwide, where half of the audience listened last year, as well as those competitors including Amazon and Disney are running to provide such content.

Kaata Sakamoto, vice president of content for Japan, told Reuters in an interview, “In order to win the whole world, we must first win the region.”

The Asia-Pacific region is just one of the bright spots in Netflix’s first commercial, which the world’s largest media company said lost its subscribers for the first time in more than a decade. The company said it was seeing “significant growth” in the region, including in Japan, where it reported 5 million employees in September 2020.

Netflix offers access to a wider audience than the company’s hardcore anime fans often want, Studio Colorido president Koji Yamamoto told Reuters.

The theater supports a story that draws characters in their normal lives through dramatic changes such as the “Penguin Highway” from 2018, in which an elementary student suddenly explores the nature of the penguin in his hometown.

Such a family budget is in line with Netflix’s plans to expand its content offering in Japan, including publishing some 40 original anime titles, a film titled “First Love,” and a script as “Last.”

Sakamoto said, “We promote our investment in Japanese content, not only in volume but in style and variety.”

Netflix has also teamed up with home broadcasters, who are quick to accept awards, for content such as the various long-running shows “Old Enough!” from Nippon TV. This show, which shows little kids running for the first time when photographers soften it, has made it awesome online.

Netflix introduces Japanese studio contract and anime entry – SABC News

Source link Netflix introduces Japanese studio contract and anime entry – SABC News

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