Netflix is ​​committing more than R900 million to the South African film industry – SABC News

Netflix’s US subscription streaming service has committed $ 929 million to the South African film industry. The company is committed to the fourth South African investment conference at the Sandton Conference Center in Johannesburg.

The conference, which was inaugurated in 2018, is looking for 1.2 trillion in investment commitments for the next five years.

Shola Sanni, Netflix’s official director for sub-Saharan Africa, says: “So we are very excited about that and we have recently pledged ISK 929 million for film and television production in South Africa in 2022 and 2023. We are going to support four projects and these are projects; one of them is international production and three of them are local and the job opportunities that will be created with this investment. “There are opportunities for training and skills transfer that are going to happen and the huge socio-economic contribution that will be made by this promise.”

Sanni says Netflix is ​​also on the lookout for potential production.

“Netflix is ​​a place to go, to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, young celebrities and African reality. So, there’s something for everyone on the Netflix service and it’s the same approach we take to production. We want to tell the good story of South Africa wherever the story can be found. “

Earlier, President Cyril Ramaphosa assured domestic and foreign potential investors that their investments are safe and secure in South Africa.

Ramaphosa said that with at least R770 billion when the inaugural conference was promised in 2018, the government was two-thirds away from achieving its goal.

He says there are many reasons to invest in the country.

Ramaphosa says: “Many companies that many of you represent here will come forward to take on new investment commitments. They will do it because they see opportunities in this country. They see beyond the difficulties and challenges. They see reform and progress. “

“They see an open society that has enabled us to withstand many storms. They see a strong and vibrant democracy, a diverse media and an active civil society. They see permanent institutions, an independent judiciary and the rule of law. “After a decade of citizenship, they see a country facing corruption and crime,” he added.

‘Positive results’

Some delegates are optimistic that the conference will be positive.

One representative said: “We are here at the SA Investment Conference hoping to hear the President and the Minister describe potential investment opportunities as young entrepreneurs in South Africa, especially owned by women, and hear who the potential mentors are for the President and the Minister. U.S.”

Another says: “We expect to hear much more about the development of young people due to high unemployment.”

“The company I work for, we have invested over a billion dollars in infrastructure. “This is just to show the government that we are confident in strengthening the economy of this country.”

SAIC 2022 | In a conversation with President Ramaphosa on the sidelines of the conference:

Netflix is ​​committing more than R900 million to the South African film industry – SABC News

Source link Netflix is ​​committing more than R900 million to the South African film industry – SABC News

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