New advisors to acquire computer skills and finance training

Russel Morena, CEO of the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors.

The Southern African Government Auditors Institute (SAIGA) says he will collaborate with the South African Association of Local Authorities (SALGA) to meet the challenge of the lack of computer and financial illiteracy among municipal councilors.

SAIGA, which operates as a non-profit organization, focuses on the development of ethical public sector professionals through continuing professional development programs, expert technical knowledge, computer knowledge, and scientific research on topics. related to accountability and accounting.

It also facilitates programs aimed at developing and advancing competent public sector auditing and accounting professionals.

The organization says it will provide, in particular, newly elected councilors and other members, including public sector associates, access to a wider base of training and development courses, including IT skills, workshops, seminars, research and related activities. , in efforts to address capacity challenges in local government.

Last month, SALGA revealed that 62% of councilors lacked basic computer skills to carry out tasks such as passing municipal budgets, and these gaps were noted during the lockdown.

The organization noted that this illiteracy was discovered when many councilors and municipalities struggled to comply with prescriptions and adopt budgets using computer devices while working remotely.

The report points out that financial mismanagement is another problem plaguing local government, with many municipalities being pointed out by the auditor general.

In addition, SALGA found that only seven municipalities were doing well, while 31% were dysfunctional, 30% functional and 32% in distress.

Russel Morena, CEO of SAIGA, believes that councilors in any local municipality that controls millions of rand should be able to use computers and understand the basics of finance and accounting.

“Service delivery that satisfies citizens depends on clean governance and capacity building in the public sector.

“An effective public sector is everyone’s responsibility, whether or not they work in government. Therefore, successful management of the South African democratic process depends on the active and constructive participation of all, ”says Morena.

Following the announcement of the election results, many municipalities across the country witnessed the arrival of a new group of advisers, who will play a crucial role in accelerating service delivery to members of the the community.

Through the SAIGA Public Sector Accounting and Auditing Academy, which is the recognized and accredited training provider of SAIGA Continuing Professional Development and short courses, the local government will be offered various tailor-made courses in finance, business, IT and accounting.

“These are some of the courses that can help develop the art of integrating the financial impact on the environment, society, economy and governance into communication. Our role as SAIGA is to serve the public interest by strengthening capacity building in the public sector. I believe that through such courses, the public sector can achieve clean governance and quality service delivery that leads to happy citizens, ”concludes Morena.

New advisors to acquire computer skills and finance training

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