Next steps for Red Hat, according to new CEO

IBM sees hybrid cloud revenue. 18% jump ZDNet has grown to $5.9 billion in the past three months and “has the highest revenue growth in 10 years.

Most of that is due to the standalone Red Hat division..”

In fact, Red Hat sales increased “only” 12%. This is low by Red Hat standards, but very good by other standards. So what will Red Hat do? Now we have a new CEO.Matt Hicks, and Chairman Paul Cormier?

Answer: Go ahead.

Hicks, who has worked at Red Hat since 2006, said in an interview:[We’ll keep using] It has the same core fundamentals that we built over 20 years ago.” Why? The combination of Linux, open source software, and best-in-class support “edge computing, whether moving to the cloud and cloud services.” in the next quarter. We will just focus on execution. There’s a lot of momentum around open hybrid cloud right now.”

But it’s not just the cloud. Hicks continued, “There are a lot of opportunities for us. We’re also working with General Motors on Ultifi, GM’s end-to-end software platform, and two days ago announced a partnership with ABB, one of the world’s leading manufacturing automation companies. Linux and Open It’s really cool to see source technology dragging into a whole new market of the industry, so my job is to keep it running and seize the opportunity without changing anything…”

Moving on to the technical side, we asked the following questions: Red Hat and CentOS. “I think it’s a necessary change and change,” Hicks said. “I firmly believe that making open source work is a contribution cycle. That didn’t happen on CentOS.”
Linux’s biggest contribution to the world going forward may be innovation (not accessibility), adds Cormier, adding that “a contribution is needed. Without open source and running Linux, the cloud wouldn’t exist.”

Next steps for Red Hat, according to new CEO

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