Nigerian school pledges to tackle students’ math phobia

For the year 2022, only the primary and middle school categories are open to competition.

A private school based in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria – Christabel Private School, has condemned what it called the increase in the love lost between many Nigerian students and mathematics, in as matter.

The school said math is important for the overall development of students, saying that in the age of technology, math cannot be avoided.

The school’s deputy director of administration, Augustine Akhigbe, said the initiative was aimed at tackling what he called children’s phobia for mathematics.

Teachers said more than 50 other schools would be housed in the FCT as participants in the annual competition, which is labeled “Doctor Maths Mathematics Competition”.

The competition, scheduled for August 4, is in partnership with the Private School Tutors Union of Nigeria (PRISCTUN).

He said the winner of the competition will receive a cash prize of N50,000 and other benefits.

The assistant manager said; “Our learners are very fond of maths and they are doing well. We thought it would be good for them to compete with other schools and test their abilities, so we decided to join them.

“Doctor Maths is an organization that helps people ‘cure’ their fear of math. Rather than being afraid, they want students to love the subject and make it more fun.

“Our school teaches that you can win anywhere. They may not always win, but we want our kids to have that confidence. Confidence is key.”

The competition

The deputy director said that all schools in Abuja can send their best math learners to represent them at the event, but the only categories open to competition are those at primary and secondary level.

Mr. Akhigbe announced that there would also be side attractions such as chess and multiplication challenges.

He said; “These are brain-boosting events that help children know they have different skills, which is what Christabel is all about. Children are able to express themselves and learners are helped to realize their full potential.”

“Learners will be tested strictly on their multiplication speed and ability to answer 20 multiplication questions in 30 seconds or one minute. Winners of the multiplication challenge will win a cash prize of N10,000.