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No end in sight for Kannaland Municipality’s water problems

The Municipality of Kannaland has acknowledged the persistent water problems in Zoar.

The town of Zoar just outside Ladismith in the Karoo. Photo: EWN

CAPE TOWN – The Municipality of Kannaland has acknowledged the ongoing water problems in Zoar.

The city held an event during National Water Week last week in which various water-related challenges faced by several South African communities were highlighted.

Kannaland Acting City Manager Ian Avontuur said water supply challenges were exacerbated by load shedding and unplanned power outages.

However, he said there has been improvement in recent weeks through collaboration with the provincial government and the sharing of technical expertise.

Avontuur said that despite efforts to ensure reliable water supply, various challenges associated with drought conditions have accompanied them for more than a decade.

The municipality faced many constraints, including financial and technical skills and aging water infrastructure that hampered efforts to ensure an uninterrupted water supply.

He denied allegations that the municipality has daily water problems or that tap water is dirty or undrinkable.

Avontuur said that in Zoar, the water was turned off between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. every day, to allow enough time for the reservoirs to fill.

They were unable to provide Zoar with an uninterrupted 24-hour water supply due to a lack of water storage capacity.

Avontuur added that they are prioritizing water and sanitation infrastructure and a number of water-related projects being planned and implemented for Kannaland.


During the two-day event in Zoar and another Cape Town community, Barrydale, residents expressed concern over various water-related issues.

Marianne Mars, a smallholder pig farmer from Zoar, told Eyewitness News: “When you turn on your taps, there’s no water. But this crisis comes from afar. Every year when it’s summer the municipality closes our taps. Every night we have no water. Some of Zoar’s areas take place mostly during the day. They have no water.”

Mars said she often had to go to a fountain to draw water.

“When there is no water, sometimes I have to drive to a fountain to fetch water, but even when there is water, I still have to drive to the end to have clean water, because of the quality of the water”.

No end in sight for Kannaland Municipality’s water problems

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