No Excuse! SAns React To Kabelo Mabalane Admitting To His Abusive Ways

Cavelo and Gale Mabarane

This didn’t work! Cavelo Mabarane, who married the prominent actress Gail Nkoane, caused considerable turmoil on social media after admitting that she was previously a preparatory person for “intimate violence.”

Needless to say, South Africa is one of the major countries when it comes to gender-based violence, and in fact, this is another pandemic that the SA government has not yet addressed. At some point, our Minister of Education said it was all wrong and that education and wealth were influencing such horrific acts. We believe that some of them share the same plot.

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To prove that this theory is wrong, we often hear that celebrities are victims of abuse. Now that a 16-day campaign against gender-based violence has officially launched in Muzansi, celebrities are working to change the story of many.

For Cavelo, the campaign was a hit near the house because he also has an abusive past, but according to him, he has turned things around ever since. The singer revealed in an Instagram post about the GBV campaign that he was also abusive in his previous relationship as a young man and is deeply ashamed of his actions.

“Launched last week # No excuses.. A campaign that violently condemns intimate violence. When I was young, I was also the culprit of this shameful timid behavior.

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“Embarrassment and embarrassment have moved me away from these spaces. Since then, I have learned that it is important to take full responsibility for this unacceptable behavior that should be blamed. I now lend myself. I am in a place to appreciate the importance of things. The voice to fight this pandemic. The perpetrators have hope and healing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. “

Kabelo is shocked to learn that social media users have major problems playing heroes in this situation, even though they were formerly abusers and have previously harmed someone. After receiving it, it is now a trend. Others are very proud to acknowledge his mistakes and work hard to correct his mistakes by raising awareness about GBV.

Check out the reaction below:

We’re not trying to blame him, but admitting terrible behavior and then trying to protect yourself doesn’t always portray you in the best light. But it’s very clear that the musicians are still disbanded about everything.

What do you think of Cavelo’s explicit campaign?

No Excuse! SAns React To Kabelo Mabalane Admitting To His Abusive Ways Source link No Excuse! SAns React To Kabelo Mabalane Admitting To His Abusive Ways

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