“No problem” expected at CSA’s annual meeting, but Sasco floats like a rock on the edge of a cliff

Dr. Stavros Nicolaou (Gallo), Chair of the CSA Interim Board of Directors

  • The Membership Council and the Interim Board of Directors hope that the important annual meeting of Cricket South Africa (CSA) will be held on Saturday.
  • Sascoc decided to “protect the autonomy of the sports movement” and refused to form a CSA board independent of the proposed majority.
  • No provisional board member can stand on the new board to ensure that the new board really begins with a blank slate.

The Membership Council and the Interim Board expect “no problems”. Cricket South Africa (CSA) A leading annual meeting to be held on Saturday.

It cannot be said that there is no such thing. The South African Sports Federation and the Olympic Commission (Sasco) are floating like rocks on the edge of a cliff and are ready to ignore cricket’s meticulous planning if necessary.

Sascoc is not dissatisfied with the CSA adopting a new legal entity memorandum of understanding to announce the arrival of an independent majority board at its annual shareholders meeting on Saturday, in accordance with Judge Chris Nicholson’s 2012 requirements.

At the May 8 general meeting attended by the CSA, Sasco resolved to “protect the autonomy of the sports movement” and rejected the formation of a CSA board independent of the proposed majority.

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Sascoc was significantly absent from the delivery of the Interim Committee’s report to Sports Minister Nati Muteswa on Friday. If the new committee was approved, both sides closed their involvement in cricket.

Member council chairman Rehan Richards said he expected no problems at the annual meeting during the takeover, despite possible Sasco’s intervention to unravel the delicate work.

“There are no expected issues with the annual shareholders meeting,” Richards said.

“This is one of the issues we have to conclude in order to move forward.

“When we distribute the notice of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, we must clearly state that we distributed the MOI to Sascoc when we approved it at the end of April.

“We transferred the MOI to them and engaged them about two weeks ago over approval of this issue.

“Of course, we are aware of what the Sasco Constitution says and have submitted it. We are waiting for their response, which has not yet been announced, but as planned. We are proceeding with the annual general meeting of shareholders.

“The board’s interim report is not an issue that needs to be approved by Sascoc or the Membership Council. The report remains intact until it is implemented. That is our role.”

The Annual Meeting not only welcomes the first independent majority voting committee of the Sport in South Africa, but also rescues cricket from the crisis that has plagued the sport since the 2009 Indian Premier League (IPL) bonus. Shows the 10-year process for. scandal.

Nicholson’s 2012 recommendation came from the official investigative commission of the IPL scandal, not the end of Gerald Majora’s CEO’s term, but the end of cricket’s suffering.

Despite the board of directors of former CSA chairman Chris Nenzani, who guaranteed that Nicholson’s proposal would be adopted from 2013, until another crisis struck cricket in 2019 and sponsors ran for hills again. They were dominant.

Nenzani departed in the middle of a storm last year, a few days before the annual shareholders’ meeting was originally scheduled for September. The announcement of the Fundudzi Forensic Report heated up.

The report was used to clear the administrative side of the CSA, canceling many unwilling contracts and dismissing company secretary Welsh Gwaza with the suspension of Chief Commercial Officer Kugandrie Govender.

To ensure that the new board of directors begins in a truly blank slate, none of the members of the interim board of directors can stand in the position of new director.

The Independent Committee interviewed and considered eight Independent Director Candidates, who form part of the 15 Board of Directors.

The other seven members consist of five members of the council representative, two CSA executives, the CEO and the CFO.

“No member of the current interim board is eligible to work on the new board, so even if they have an appetite, they cannot join the board,” said Stavros Nikolaus, chair of the interim board. “.

“This was intentional and ensured that there were no perceived or actual disputes moving from the current board to the new board.

“What this board did is lay the foundation. The new board now needs to build a house.”

“No problem” expected at CSA’s annual meeting, but Sasco floats like a rock on the edge of a cliff

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