“Nobody bothers me” – Sizve Dlomo

სიზვე დლომო He said he did not bother anyone.

This comes after Twip revealed that “real competition” between the slots has to start as Tbo Touch plans to return to its transport show after a six-year hiatus.

Yesterday, Touch confirmed her return to the studios with her image warming her place.

“Eyo @SizweDhlomo, Tbo Touch’s return to Metro FM 15: 00-18: 00 slot will not be given to you in June-July, because the real competition is coming, the drive battle is showing,” the user wrote.

In response, Sizwe said he has no one to worry about if he is sincere.

He said he is just doing his job and letting others do theirs.

Sizve said, “Hi Kab, but I really am not. I do not care if I am honest. I just do my job and others do them. 🤷🏽‍♂️ My show is rocking, that’s all I care about. https://t.co/zOVuE3k2Lq ”

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“Nobody bothers me” – Sizve Dlomo

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