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The ANC Youth League in Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati district in the North West has called for the removal of the mayor of Kagisano Molopo Local Municipality in Ganyesa near Vryburg.

The department has accused him of sowing division in the town council.

They also say he was recently behind the removal of the mayor and president, with a motion of no confidence from the council.

Earlier this week, the North West District Court annulled the council’s decision to elect a new president and expel the mayor with a no-confidence motion.

Tensions have been running high in Kagisano Molopo’s town council since last year’s local elections. It is claimed that it has not been a member of the council for the past five months.

ANCYL’s Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati has blamed incumbent mayor Olaotse Bojosinyana.

According to the department, both no-confidence motions against the mayor and the president were put forward by Bojosinyana.

The league also accused Bojosinyane of anarchy and corruption.

The ANCYL’s supervisor in Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati, Gopolang Molale, says: “As the ANC Youth League, we can not be undermined to this extent by a person we thought was a lawyer, but undermine the rule of law and turn the institution into chaos because he is the center of what is happening in that municipality and we can not restore any unity, peace or stability in that institution while the person is still there. So, as ANCYL, we demand an immediate halt and that MM must be removed from the litigation group. He continues to be ashamed of the law firm. “

However, the mayor of Kagisano Molopo, Olaotse Bojosinyana, says the ANCYL’s allegations against him are baseless.

“If they want to remove me or they want to have my name removed, they will unfortunately not get it right because I am not a practicing lawyer. I’m on a list of lawyers who are not employed and are not performing the duties of a lawyer. But in that particular relationship, (the confusion they are talking about… it is not an issue and at the same time it is something you can not try. “

Furthermore, the Association of Young Communists in the province says that the recent development in the municipality of Kagisano Molopo is simply a ploy by those who oppose the sending of young people to leadership positions.

“This is a backlash campaign against the Motsha Palong initiative that the ANC in the Northwest has fully taken on sending young people to various positions of power in many municipalities. It is a generational struggle with the ANC that some older people are struggling to send young people to work.

Lenah Miga, MEC of the district’s governing body, says the situation in the Kagisano Molopo municipality is very disappointing.

“We are really disappointed that the municipality seems to be losing focus as our focus should be on providing services to the community of Kagisano Molopo.

MEC Miga has encouraged the municipality to focus on providing services to the community.

North West ANCYL calls for the removal of Mayor Kagisano Molopo – SABC News

Source link North West ANCYL calls for the removal of Mayor Kagisano Molopo – SABC News

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