Nota GRILLS Lasizwe over Mohale

South African music legend Nota Baloyi didn’t do well to stir up trouble on Twitter. In the past few weeks, he has made negative comments about several local celebrities that have caused the media to lash out – this has not stopped him, however. In fact, his latest jab is at award-winning YouTuber Lasizwe Dambuza who has been making several public appearances and idolized SA judge Somizi Mhlongo di Mohale Motaung.

According to Nota, Lasizwe is “following in the footsteps of Mihlali Ndamase’s influential boyfriends who are weaving the rest.”

Nota is coming for Lasizwe in a viral tweet

Nota Baloyi has turned her attention to Lasizwe Dambuza who she feels is tarnishing her family’s reputation.

A controversial music manager Take on Twitter on Saturday this week to compare Lasizwe with the type of men Mihlali is dating.

Judging by his post, he disapproves of Lasizwe dating Somizi’s ex, Mohale, and feels like he is getting a bad name.

In fact, Nota is worried about who Lasizwe is associating with and says he has a “disgusting disease”.

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“Lasizwe has that disgusting disease that Mihlali’s boyfriends have of looking for anyone before… Love yourself, you come from a famous Soweto family like mine. Now your brother needs to explain and Mohale will not take over the family business by kissing the president!”

Mzansi reacts

Many people dragged Nota again for his negative opinion while some believed what he had to say in a surprising way.

@sizaleo said:

“Get help man, it doesn’t make sense for a normal person to be this toxic. Get help, you’re not okay.”

@fgadisi said:

“My man, you are one of the few people this country has produced. Be alone.”

Nota GRILLS Lasizwe over Mohale

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