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#NotInMyName urges South Africa to intervene in eSwatini amid reported growing crackdown

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Pretoria – The #NotInMyName civil rights movement called on the South African government to intervene immediately “in condemning the barbaric actions of the eSwatini regime against its own people”.

King Mswati III this week ordered the immediate and indefinite closure of schools in the eSwatini as pro-democracy protests erupted in the country.

According to local media in the kingdom, students and pupils boycotted classes and called for free education and an end to Mswati’s reign.

Additionally, #NotInMyName General Secretary Themba Masango called for the immediate closure of the eSwatini Embassy in Pretoria.

“We cannot stand still and watch Emaswati die. The struggle is no longer theirs. The monarch must stop eating his, ”Masango said.

“Transparency and good governance are underlined by the fundamental right of the public and / or civil society to comment on laws and regulations; on the disposition of state funds and revenues, as well as on decisions made by those in power.

Masango said the eSwatini regime had “reactivated its authoritarian systems to crush dissenting voices.”

eSwatini, formerly Swaziland, is Africa’s last absolute monarchy. Tensions are high in the country, totally landlocked by South Africa, since it was rocked by a wave of unprecedented and often violent pro-democracy protests in June.

Police shot dead a protester on October 13, the latest victim in months of protests that have left more than a dozen dead.

Authorities have again restricted the country’s internet services, leaving most social media apps down, while the military has been deployed across the country to ease tensions.

Mswati recently blasted democracy advocates, accusing them of being drunk and smoking dagga.

Hospitals are inundated with casualties, according to Swaziland News, as more than 20 protesters have been shot and four people are believed to have been killed.

The Swaziland Solidarity Network said on Friday that residents of eSwatini were fed up with Mswati and the many international organizations that continued to treat him with gloves and allow him to slaughter his own citizens.

On October 14, the human rights group Amnesty International South Africa criticized the kingdom’s authorities for allowing schools to be overrun by the military following pro-democracy protests led by students.

#NotInMyName urges South Africa to intervene in eSwatini amid reported growing crackdown

Source#NotInMyName urges South Africa to intervene in eSwatini amid reported growing crackdown

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