NRM is for affordable universal education

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President Yoweri Museveni, funded by the World Bank and the Government of Uganda, has commissioned the country’s first Keihangara Seed Secondary School in the Ibanda district.

“I want to take advantage of the opportunity to outsource schools as a symbol to remind Ugandans that governments are at the forefront of mass education, not elite education between colonial and past governments. I’m here for everyone. I want a cheap and affordable education. This is the NRM concept of education for everyone, “he said.

Uganda Intergovernmental Financial Transfer (UgIFT) Seed Secondary School’s full package provides a multipurpose hall, 3 units of classroom blocks, management blocks, a well-equipped 2 units of science blocks and libraries with science kits and chemical reagents. , ICT block and 3 unit teacher’s house etc.

In this program, the Ministry of Education and Sports will act as a supervisor and the local government will be responsible for the procurement part of the construction.

The president accompanied by the First Lady and the Minister of Education and Sports at the official opening ceremony of the Keihangara Seed School in the Keihangara Sub-County Ibanda district of Wen Shan Beer Village. Janet Kataha Museveni says that being educated means that the school must be close to where people with the concept of a secondary school per sub-county and a member-level college of technology live. Said.

Of the 10.9 million elementary school-level children, only about 2 million participate in higher education, and he said the education system was distorted, thinking that the rest might not progress. However, he said that most children drop out of school because education is sold as a product.

The president emphasized that the government will build classrooms, laboratories, textbook libraries, ICT laboratories and other facilities to allow children to study freely.

He warned Ugandans, who are paralyzing government development programs for personal gain, that they will be punished and will be punished.

Minister of Education and Sports Janet Museveni has assured the state that the ministry has promised to implement public school construction policies for all sub-counties.

“A new mapping exercise will be implemented to establish the range of gaps in administrative units that do not have a government secondary school for each sub-county,” she said.

Book. Janet Museveni said it’s a shame that some seed schools under construction are out of reach and lack important equipment such as electricity and water.

“I urge the program’s coordinator, the Ministry of Financial Planning and Economic Development, to prioritize the provision of these important services to schools,” she said.

She reminds Ugandans that the country is preparing to reopen its institution on January 10, 2022, so people should not forget to thank God for the seed secondary school they are entrusted with. I was allowed to.

She also called on people to comply with the Ministry of Health’s regulations on the Covid-19 pandemic, which respects the SOP.

The construction process is standard for Amos Magezi, Bishop of Northwest Angkor, Secretary of State Sports Hamson Dennis of A, accompanied by Father Dido Nschekanimania of Archdiocese of Mbarara, and Principal Charles Natukwasa.

“The structure is fully equipped and suitable for an educational institution,” he said.

Ismail Mulindwa, director of basic education at the Ministry of Education and Sports, said the government has been cooperating with the World Bank in implementing the Uganda Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfer (UgIFT) program since fiscal year 2018-19.

The ministry has promised to build, equip and staff 259 seed secondary schools nationwide in three stages over a five-year period, consisting of 117 Phase 1 schools, 115 Phase 2 schools and 27 Phase 3 schools. Said. This includes the construction of schools and the establishment of 418 laboratories.

The ministry also promises to complete the construction of imperfect structures at 21 technical schools and technical colleges.

Happy Herbert Mayanja, Chairman of LC5 in Ivanda District, said that a newly constructed magnificent modern educational facility was built and donated land expanded to accommodate a full-fledged and well-equipped scientific laboratory. Admired the church community.

Area MP, Ibanda South John Paul Nimshiima, has appealed to parents to provide education to their children through the government’s free universal education.

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NRM is for affordable universal education

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