Ntsiki Mazwai and how to cook Comedy Central

A few years ago, South Africans were treated to the same popular cuisine in the country as no other. Many of the funniest media in the country dug their teeth in Somizi Comedy Central’s Roast by Somizi and it is one of the books. One of those who went astray during a meal was the poet and politician Ntski Mazwai arguing that according to him, he had not been cured of the fire while doing so. display – even though it was complete years later.

Ntsiki Mazwai is still suffering from her Comedy Central roast

Four years ago, what was intended to be Comedy Central Roast by Somiziquickly transformed into the meat of Ntsiki Mazwai.

Controversial human rights activist is joined by other local media outlets such as Kaya FM Skhumba Hlope Breakfast presenter, Gareth Cliff, Joanne Joseph, DJ Fresh, Nomzamo Mbatha, and Kurt Darren – all assigned to wash Somizi within an inch of it. level of self-confidence.

Sorry Ntsiki, The tables turned quickly but it became the subject of every cook – so much so that people started calling it “Mazwai Tinkling Hole”.

Going on Twitter on Tuesday 14 June, Mazwai shared that he is still frustrated by the experience and doubts that he will make another show.

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“Wooooo, since Roast, I have not added to these agreements as I work with whites. I have traps and chaos for life, hey. I think wooooooo you just want to humiliate me.”

Tweet Ntsiki coming soon reports that SA actor and actor Khanyi Mbau will also be appearing on Comedy Central Roast.

Khanyi, unlike Ntsiki, said she was honored to be the first African woman to be shot in a comedy film Central.

Ntsiki Mazwai and how to cook Comedy Central

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