NYT Stops Third-Party Wordle Archives

New York Times, Wordle Arguments We’re finishing an unofficial take on the game in January. The most recent damage is the Wordle Archive, a website that allows users to previously solve hundreds of 5-letter Wordle puzzles daily. According to Ars Technica the site “Taken down at the request of Wordle owner The New York Times..” in the report: The archive site, which offers a past replay feature not available in the official version of NYT’s Wordle, has been up since early January. But it was demolished last week replace with message “Unfortunately, the New York Times has requested the removal of the Words archive,” he said. all twitter search A New York Times representative commented on Ars Technica’s comment: “Through March 7th, we show dozens of Wordle Archive players willing to share their results on social media. Requests.” We plan to comment on more than that. does not exist.”

Wordle Archive is still fully playable in its own archived format as of March 5th. internet archive, fittingly. It’s not hard to find other sites where you can play archived Wordle puzzles, and there are sites where you can play unlimited Wordle puzzles over the usual daily limit. However, if the Times suggests handling the Wordle Archive, some of those sites could be threatened.

NYT Stops Third-Party Wordle Archives

Source link NYT Stops Third-Party Wordle Archives

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