Obama calls for more oversight of social media in Stanford speech

PALO ALTO, CA — Ex-President Barack Obama on Thursday called for tighter regulatory oversight of US social media giants, saying that the right to curate the information people consume has ‘triggered’ political polarization and threatened the pillars of democracy around the world. I did.

weight the debate over How to combat the spread of disinformationHe said that the company must apply its proprietary algorithm, the same type of regulatory oversight to ensure the safety of automobiles, food and other consumer products.

“Tech companies need to be more transparent about how they operate,” Obama said in a speech at Stanford University, a longtime Silicon Valley tech incubator. “Much of the conversation about the fraudulent information focuses on what people post. A bigger problem is the content these platforms promote.”

The former president supported reform proposals A Key Legal Shield for Internet Businesses: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects social media platforms from liability for the content users post. Proponents of such a change believe that anything from drug sales to disinformation with equally detrimental consequences is illegal or unlawful. We believe that businesses will need to do more to curb risky behavior.

Obama urged praised as a revolutionary who benefits the Internet brings to life a priority to social responsibility than the non-profit organizations constantly.

“The company needs to have a different pole than just making money and increasing profit sharing,” he said.

Obama spoke at a conference hosted by the Cyber Policy Center at Stanford University. The conference is dedicated to the challenges created by the digital world for democracy in the United States and beyond. He mentioned his frustrations as well as their effective use of social media, President Vladimir V. Putin is using social media as its candidate. Affecting the 2016 Election Results.

“It’s still nagging to not fully realize how vulnerable we are to lies and conspiracy theories,” he said, referring to the erroneous debate over his US birth. certificate. “Putin did not. He did not need to. We did it to ourselves.”

Attendees included prominent academics, former government officials, and representatives from several tech companies, including Alphabet and TikTok, which own Google and YouTube. In a separate discussion, panelists broadly agreed on the issue of disinformation and the toxic and partisan issues it promotes, but little agreement as to which particular solution would work best or be politically feasible.

Hoover Institution and Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies Senior Fellow and most recently of “Ill Winds: Saving Democracy From Russian anger, and ambition of China, anilham of the United States.”

On the sideline, Obama also met a small group of students and young scholars, Obama Foundation. At one point, he asked Elise Joshi, founder of a group called Gen-Z for Change, to explain why TikTok was more than just a dance video.

Obama told them:

Obama calls for more oversight of social media in Stanford speech

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