October, the wheel of human existence


Sometimes, no matter how perfect your life is, wake up next to the person you want, where you want, and do what you love every day, no matter how happy your family unit is. No matter how grateful you are for being able to do it, how happy you are with the possible outcomes, such as nearing the end of a new manuscript or being able to cook for the day. As human beings, we are incredibly exhausted, exhausted and bored of the day. Day.

For me, and for many of the people I talk to, that daily existentialism happens every October. This, the tenth month of this year, was unbearable for me, as far as I can remember. It doesn’t matter what you do for your life, how many vacations you have taken during the year, or the number of holidays available. All of this will be forgotten in October. Every day I remember that the year was almost over, from the moment I opened my eyes to the moment I closed my eyes, but I’m tired instead. You wrote enough words, pressed enough paper, and spent a lot of time thinking about what to cook and eat every day to feed your family. You are tired I am tired.

If October is a dead end month, it’s almost good. And this means that if they were mostly mediocre, stationary, day-counting months, they seem to me to be able to survive most. Even redundant. But that’s not the case. They are always the busiest month of all. It’s as if the universe wants to bring the last breath of your being out of you, drag your corpse into the finish line, and fight all the last jobs by the end of the year.

Things tend to decline in November. But things come back to life in October. It’s as if everyone remembers all the new items that need to be checked. All new deliverables. All new projects and all old projects that still need to be signed off. And all we can do is go around the wheel of human beings in October and keep moving to end it all.

Get up and find time to drink a huge cup of “what the f & ck”, the only joy of the day. Drop your child to school, go back, get rid of it, get to work, and find time. Best of all, exercise, cook, take your kids, feed them, put them to sleep, spend time on your relationships, and rely on your bed for money. The last brain cells of the book you’re trying to earn, the ridiculous things to see, and then everything starts again. You do this all year round. But for some reason, doing it in October seems punishably difficult.

Indeed, we take a break. However, December is very busy and busy. It’s summer and it’s nice. However, there are also very stressful Christmas times. Family obligations. There are many plans and activities, and there is little rest. And people. People everywhere.

December deserves its own holiday. As before January, you will need to take another month’s vacation to take a break and refresh from December.

The other day I had a conversation with a friend. A friend guiltyly admitted that she was just incredibly bored. I felt she was stuck. She felt like the world had advanced everywhere around her on the internet, and people were doing other things and traveling. And here we were still in the circle of hamster life. No restart button, no control-alt-delete. She said she felt uneasy for no reason at all. Now, for all the reasons above, again, guilt does not allow you to think that the above is enough to feel guilty, and as a result, you get more anxiety.
“It’s October,” I said. “October’s fault.”

It’s the most conflicting month, as it’s stressful, unnecessary, and looks like a lot of fun once you cross this month’s threshold, is that true? Is there a lot you are looking forward to?

That said, I must say that I am grateful for having these problems. There are many other things we can have. Many other people have to deal with it. For many, every month is October. Every day of the year is their own personal October hell. But what do you know at the risk of sounding like a very selfish and qualified middle-class dislike? I don’t have the energy, time, or ability to think about those people. The wheel of time to turn good people into garbage people in the moon of garbage.

Haji Mohamed Dawjee is a South African columnist, destroying peace and author of “Sorry, Sorry, The Experience of a Brown Woman in White South Africa”.Follow her twitter..

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October, the wheel of human existence

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