Oldfield teaches the rest of Toyota GR Cup field a racing lesson |

I almost came across it when I predicted that Thomas Falkiner would be the man to win the Toyota GR Cup in Round 4 of the National Extreme Racing Series at Red Star Raceway at the weekend.

He went out in the practice rounds on Friday and did a comprehensive blitz on everyone so big, I could only think it was a long Saturday for the rest of us struggling around the ultra – technical circuit.

But not nearly as good as a runaway series leader, Ashley Oldfield showed his class again, and out of the blue sneaked his Toyota GR Yaris on a pole ahead of Falkiner.

That left the rest of us scratching our heads with no real clue as to where we would get the speed needed to challenge at the start.

Sean Nurse qualified just ahead of me, with Jeanette Kok-Kritzinger, Lerato Matebese and John Thomson making up the rest of the places.

With so much excitement for clean speed, my only plan was to try to confront the Nurse and let him go in search of the leaders. I would come so far for the ride and see what happens in the later stages of the race.

Did this work? No, we couldn’t hold on to them, and the first Toyota GR Cup race ended in the same order it started.

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Race 2 surprised people in that the winner of the final meeting would start at the back of the pack if the regulations were changed. T

he would see Oldfield start last and try to fight his way through the pitch if he wanted to win this race meeting, and in theory a new winner would appear on the podium.

Did this work? No, Oldfield drove around the outside of most of the park in the first corner. He bent down Nurse shortly afterwards and then went hunting for the Falkiner.

Falkiner defended him like the championship, but Oldfield diving bombed him right near the end of the race and went home for the double win.

This left Nurse and I finishing in third and fourth place again in our Toyota GR Yarises. I wish I could say it was because we did the second race in the dark, but the truth is that we were only given a racing lesson on the dune miles Delmas parks.

First up will be Round 5 of the Extreme National League, the East London GP circuit at the weekend of 5 August.

For more information on the Toyota GR Yaris, click here.

Oldfield teaches the rest of Toyota GR Cup field a racing lesson | Source link Oldfield teaches the rest of Toyota GR Cup field a racing lesson |

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