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Olympic Committee praises China for successful winter games in COVID-19 – SABC News

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has praised the People’s Republic of China for being a “gracious host” during the last Beijing Winter Olympics. The games ended last Sunday after surviving the pollution caused by unpleasant geopolitical quarrels.

For nearly three weeks, the Olympic flame burned so brightly that it served as a global magnet for sports excellence and the realization of achievable dreams for international athletes from dozens of participating countries.

The prophetic words of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres proved true when he said at the opening of the Games on 4 “Let the Olympic spirit of peace, mutual respect and understanding shine in the Games and beyond.”

The motto of the games was “Together for a common future”.

While the Chinese followed a real spectacle, the Beijing Olympics, the Italians excitedly took over the Olympic baton, and Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo are vehemently preparing for the 2026 Games.

The Beijing Olympics was the first worldwide personal event since the outbreak two years ago. The closing ceremony took place at the Beijing National Stadium, the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

The China Olympic Organizing Committee described the 2022 Beijing competition as “a journey about physical and human infrastructure – which includes green construction and reuse of venues”.

Various technologies have also been used for the first time to achieve a “carbon-neutral event”. According to Chinese authorities, all competition venues were powered by renewable energy, the first in the history of the games.

The sight has given the world hope that humanity is on the verge of defeating COVID-19. No wonder the International Olympic Committee described the Games as “truly exceptional” in the post-mortem evaluation.

Vaccine production is rapidly taking root in places like Africa, where most people do not yet get a double injection because of the “apartheid vaccine”. To date, only 12 percent of Africans have been stabbed twice.

In contrast, more than 70 percent of people in the global north have received a double stab. In light of this, the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics needs to be viewed and reviewed. Because there were huge chances against China to settle the matches. The truth is that, in the wake of the challenges posed by the pandemic, very few countries in the world would have been able to cope with the task of hosting such monumental games.

By the end of last Sunday’s Games, some 109 medal numbers had been successfully settled in an atmosphere of humanity and international solidarity. Forever beautiful memories were born and friendships between continents were intertwined. Today, the world is a better place, thanks to the role of sport in every society.

The host nation has deployed a contingent of 388 people, including 177 athletes. It was China’s largest ever presence at the Winter Games, and the country’s best Winter Olympics collection ever recorded 15 medals. Norway, the thriving Scandinavian superpower, became the biggest winner with a total of 37 medals, including 16 gold.

These are the feat that enhances social cohesion in any host country, regardless of which sporting event they host. South Africa went through a similar positive experience when the country hosted and triumphed at the 1995 Rugby World Cup. The same atmosphere was experienced by South Africans the following year – in 1996 – when the country hosted and triumphed again – at the African Cup of Nations.

At the closing ceremony of the Beijing Games, IOC President Thomas Bach summed it up: “The Olympic spirit could only shine so brightly because the Chinese had set up the field so excellently – and safely.”

He added: “The Olympic villages were outstanding. The locations – they are amazing. The organization – extraordinary. This unforgettable experience was only made possible by our dear hosts, the Chinese. ”

Many athletes shone and sparkled at the matches, but no more than 18-year-old Chinese Gu Ailing, a ski prodigy.

He became the first freestyle skier to win three medals in some games. The teenage sensation has undoubtedly inspired millions of people, especially young people worldwide.

The infirmary has received numerous accolades from both athletic followers and fellow athletes. Some of the congratulatory remarks came from British freestyler Zoe Atkin, who was quoted as saying: “It’s very good to see and so inspiring. It makes me a better skier myself. I think it’s amazing for the sport. ”

The cheerful atmosphere of the games was perhaps best captured by Chinese curling duo Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi, who presented badges to their American counterparts, Vicky Persinger and Chris Plyswith, featuring Bing Dwen Dwen after defeating the United States. a mascot of toys that is widespread.

The viewership of the games was also unmatched. Timo Lumme, the IOC’s executive director of television and marketing services, said, “About two billion people have watched the Olympics worldwide.”

From the IOC, Bach added: “IOC-owned Olympic social media accounts have exceeded Beijing’s 2022 commitment by 2.7 billion. I’m not talking about many other tools and platforms here. ”

In his closing remarks on Beijing in 2022, Bach also said, “What we can learn is that in the Olympic movement, if we are united, we can be extremely flexible.”

Proof of this was the success of the Olympic Games at the time of the epidemic, he pointed out.

Finally, Muhammad Asif Noor, secretary general of the Friendship Forum of the Pakistan-Shanghai Cooperation Organization, said of the games: “They can contribute a lot to expanding global knowledge and a better understanding of China’s philosophy and ideas.”

Olympic Committee praises China for successful winter games in COVID-19 – SABC News

Source link Olympic Committee praises China for successful winter games in COVID-19 – SABC News

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