One of the highest SA Powerball jackpots has been won

The South African Powerball main prize of approximately R86 million has been won after a lengthy 14 rollovers.

The rollovers stretched from early August to mid-September this year before the jackpot was pocketed. Details of the winner are still to emerge, but the win has been confirmed.

This isn’t necessarily among the biggest SA jackpots ever won in the country, but certainly weighs in as a pretty sum, indeed.

In 2019, a 50-year-old man from Cape Town in the Western Cape walked off with a record R232 million after winning the SA Powerball draw.

“I am very excited and glad that I won this. For me this will open doors for my kids’ education because that is very important for me,” he said at the time.

“There will be a big change in my life, but I won’t spend money left and right. I will take my time and think through it.I chose those numbers since 2007 and I believed the slogan ‘one day is one day’, and my day would come. I played the same numbers every year whenever I got a chance to play.”

Then, in 2020, via the SA Powerball Plus draw, a man from KwaZulu-Natal landed a hefty R153 million prize.

“My partner and I are not regular lottery players, but my in-laws keep track of all lottery jackpots and always encourage us to play,” enthused last year’s winner.

“My in-laws basically sold us the idea of being millionaires, telling us about the attractive jackpot. On the third draw, I did not receive a notification, so I concluded I had not won anything. Little did I know that third time was the charm for us.

“I had mixed emotions. At some point I was calm, the next I was nervous, it was really a lot of mixed emotions.”

So far, those are the only SA Powerball or SA Powerball Plus prizes that have exceeded R150 million. In 2018, someone fell just short of the mark with a R145 million SA Powerball win.

It was a 30-something engineer from Secunda, who celebrated the victory with his partners and looked to put some tougher times from the past to bed.

“It was not easy to make the call to claim the winnings. I needed to properly digest it and accept that my life has changed‚” he said.

“Growing up‚ I can’t say we struggled but it was a life of hustling. There was a time I spent a while looking for a job.”

His wife added: “We have both been playing lottery [since our university] days. After classes‚ we would walk a distance to play the lottery.”

Several other SA Powerball wins have reached R100 million-plus, including R102 million in 2011 – and three between R114 million and R135 million in 2020 alone.

Some of them even used anniversary and other important dates in their life to plot their lottery numbers.

“I’ve played the same numbers since November last year. Each number represents a significant date in my life. We want to find the perfect plot of land to build our dream home and finally, to invest a significant portion of our winnings,” said one winner.

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