Opening up to the outside world at a high level in the new era!

On November 17, 2020, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at the Twelfth BRICS Leaders’ Meeting that China will establish a BRICS New Industrial Revolution Partnership Innovation Base in Xiamen City, Fujian Province to carry out policy coordination and talents. Cooperation in fields such as training, project development, etc. welcomes the active participation of BRICS countries. This indicates that the new industrial revolution partnership of the BRICS countries has moved from an initiative to a landing. On November 17, 2021, the BRICS Future Innovation Park was officially unveiled in Xiamen, China, and the signing ceremony of the first batch of settled projects was held. This day is also the first anniversary of the establishment of the BRICS New Industrial Revolution Partnership Innovation Base.

The BRICS Innovation Base is an important bridge and link for the BRICS countries to deepen pragmatic cooperation in the wave of the new industrial revolution. It has also become an important platform for China to promote high-level opening up and innovation cooperation.

Those with ambitions do not take mountains and seas as far away. 

On December 8, 2020, representatives of the BRICS countries and relevant international organizations gathered in Xiamen, China, to witness the new era of BRICS cooperation-the BRICS New Industrial Revolution Partnership Innovation Base officially launched. So far, the golden ship that jointly promotes the partnership of the new industrial revolution has officially set sail, sailing the golden ocean of BRICS practical cooperation.

Introduced supporting policies to make trade and investment cooperation more convenient

Over the past year, the BRICS Innovation Base has actively explored think tank cooperation and joint research, and built an important platform for exchange of ideas, gathering wisdom, dialogue and cooperation. The International Liaison Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held the 2021 BRICS Think Tank International Symposium, inviting more than 260 representatives from the BRICS think tanks, business, and financial circles to conduct in-depth discussions on the construction of the BRICS Innovation Base and achieved fruitful results.

Xiamen City has issued “Measures for Accelerating the Construction of the BRICS Innovation Base”, encouraging the strengthening of cooperation with the BRICS countries in the fields of new generation information technology, new energy, new materials, and supporting the establishment of BRICS innovation base technology transfer institutions, Brick incubator and so on. The Xiamen Free Trade Zone was approved as a pilot area for a new type of offshore international trade and a pilot for foreign currency denominated settlement for aircraft operating leases, facilitating investment and trade exchanges with the BRICS countries.

Innovative talent service, attracting talents from BRICS countries to work in China

In the past year, in accordance with the training needs of the BRICS countries, the BRICS Innovation Base has increased the integration of talents in the organization of talent services, and launched five online talent training sessions. More than 20,000 trainees participated in the training, covering the BRICS countries, Germany and the Netherlands. , Ukraine, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Chile and more than ten countries. Establish China’s first joint platform for foreign talent service stations and immigration service stations to provide convenient services for talents from BRICS countries. Create the first evaluation mechanism for the professional level of foreign talents, and further unblock the channels for professional and technical talents from BRICS countries to come to China for innovation and entrepreneurship. The first batch of 4 foreign talents from Russia, India and other BRICS countries passed professional skills and skills certification and obtained work residence permits. Two experts from India participated in the first foreign science and technology commissioner service team in China, providing in-depth precise assistance to enterprises and becoming a “think tank” for enterprise innovation and development.

Promote project development, and smooth Sino-foreign cooperation in multiple industries

China is committed to promoting exchanges with other BRICS countries. The BRICS innovation base builds a dedicated Internet channel, unblocks the big data circulation channels of the BRICS countries, serves the digital coordinated transformation of the digital trade and manufacturing industries of the BRICS countries, unblocks the logistics channels of the BRICS countries, and promotes Beijing Yuntai, Macau Long Bridge Aviation, and commercial Ship Logistics has launched the BRICS air cargo business and strived for the resumption of the Xiamen-Moscow route; China-Europe (Xiamen) China-Russia line shipped 53 trains with 5,324 TEUs from January to September, with an import and export value of 1.31 billion yuan. Promote park exchanges and cooperate with Russia’s largest science and technology park “Skolkovo Innovation Center” to host the 2021 Sino-Russian Project Development Cooperation Matchmaking Conference and Russia’s Skolkovo Innovation Center International Camp Roadshow.

The BRICS Innovation Base actively builds demonstration projects, connects domestic and foreign project resources, and promotes practical cooperation in BRICS projects. Based on the successful signing of 5 projects last year, the signing of the second batch of 28 projects highlighting the quality of the BRICS and with a total investment of up to 13.404 billion yuan. The Internet company Meiya Pico provides electronic data forensics technology and product services for Russia, South Africa and other BRICS countries, and provides cybersecurity governance solutions in China.

Summarize the start, look forward to the voyage, stand up to the forefront, and forge ahead.In 2022, the year of BRICS China. The world expects that BRICS cooperation will create more opportunities and space for the recovery of the world economy. In 2022, BRICS will continue to promote practical cooperation and inject new vitality into BRICS cooperation.In terms of policy coordination, it will work with BRICS think tanks to hire the first batch of 30 well-known BRICS experts at home and abroad to establish an expert database, promote the first batch of about 15 institutions to form the BRICS think tank alliance, and launch the second batch of promotion funds in due course. Policies and measures for the development of the brick innovation base, in-depth promotion of the mutual recognition of BRICS industry standards, inspection and testing, and qualification certification;In terms of talent training, it will formulate a five-year plan for BRICS talent training, form 10-20 BRICS demonstration training projects, 50-100 high-quality courses, and create a personalized training system with distinctive characteristics and outstanding brand advantages;In terms of project development, actively create a pilot zone for the Internet of Vehicles and an intelligent manufacturing pilot zone, launch no less than 50 demonstration benchmark projects in the field of the new industrial revolution, set up a BRICS industry fund, and build a number of iconic platforms and flagship projects… China The pace will be accelerated to build the BRICS innovation base into a new high-level opening up to the outside world in the new era, and join hands with other BRICS countries to unswervingly march towards the golden voyage.


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