Over 2000 veterans plan to sue Ramaphosa for unpaid compensation – SABC News

Over 2000 veterans plan to sue President Cyril Ramaphosa over unpaid compensation. Former members of MK, APLA and AZANLA demand 4 million R4 each.

They claim that the president has disregarded their claims for damages and benefits, which include pensions, housing and medical benefits.

The retired soldiers who claim to have been examined by the government accuse Ramaphosa of excluding them in the calculation and distribution of their benefits. With the first payment expected in April, they say the process will be flawed as they would not have returned the necessary supplies.

Their lawyer, Andries Nkome, explains:

“So the action they are taking is to prevent the president from giving them the benefits he has decided, without having confirmed that the R4 million expectations per person they have are the benefits they will receive from April 1. . The President mentioned this several times in Parliament and the only thing we are trying to do in this case is simply because he does not indicate how much our clients will receive and why he does not take part in finding out. calculations and the process. come to a common and mutual. “

The generals also call on President Ramaphosa to convene a task force to speed things up. Nkome says that a task force that dealt with the issue has also stopped communicating with the veterans.

“In the past, there has been a task force of presidents who were supposed to agree on a ceasefire on the benefits they have received. Communication with structures has also stalled, so we wonder how the president on his own can just continue without consulting our clients.

Freedom of War veterans

The group consists of MK, APLA and AZANLA veterans who are now under the banner of Liberation War Veterans. Among them are 53 veterans accused of taking two ministers and a deputy minister hostage at the St George’s Hotel in October last year.

Last month, they went to the Union Buildings, but there were no recipients to accept their memorandum. They also wrote to the president, indicating that they would take legal action if he did not respond by April. Nkome says he is still waiting for an answer.

“The president has neither acknowledged nor responded to the contents of the letter and we find this very disturbing. That is why our client had no choice but to go to court to say that he would have to deal with his damages and compensation. “

Soldiers Imbizo

Secretary of Defense Thandi Modise said in a speech at the presidential election in the northwestern part of the country on Saturday that her ward had been flooded with complaints from military personnel and would begin with a military ceasefire.

“We have established a ceasefire in the army, we are setting up updates that we are going to start at Norðurhöfði. We’re going there, which is related to veterans. We are not going to change the criteria for recognizing military veterans. “

The presidency was not available for comment.

Over 2000 veterans plan to sue Ramaphosa for unpaid compensation – SABC News

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