Parkour champion Dominique di Tomaso challenges Johannesburg [watch]

Most people consider Johannesburg to be a “concrete jungle of skyscrapers, malls and residential areas,” but for parkour champion Dominique Ditommaso, it’s an adult playground.

Dominique di Tommaso playground

Red Bull pervades incredible sights, sounds and stories, with some of the city’s most beautiful landmarks, from Gold Reef City to Hillbrow’s Ponte, Soweto Theater and the height of the city’s CBD Sandton skyline. He shared his flip-filled journey around.

DiTommaso, a regular at the world’s hottest free-running competition, is reported to be a former garbage collector who grew up with a passion for dance, ballet and figure skating, but he’s from Australia. Raised his passion for skating to amazing heights. ..

From Switzerland and Belgium to the 550-year-old Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, he creates video content that punishes cityscapes and iconic structures around the world and induces dizziness.

He was surprised when he saw Johannesburg. “I love the uniqueness of each place and how its architecture is conveyed by its culture, past, and present. The various obstacles, shelves, walls, and which ones I found in each country. I love how they present different challenges, “he said.

Free running for everyone

He likes to think that his passion for free running has inspired other athletes for years and shared it with the world.

“My goal is to get as many people interested in this sport as possible. If it can help someone else grow as much as it helped me. That’s all I can ask for. “

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Superhuman status

Of course, people are in awe of his talent. “I loved this video that took Dom to jam in SA before I dropped it. I loved the creative use of the place. As always, unrealistic movements and top-notch shoots. It’s an edit, “says Daniel Johnson on YouTube.

“You are becoming a superhuman, and a wonderful human being with all-around. Good!” Said Bad Renen.

Social media users were delighted to see South Africa as the background for this video. “The fact that he runs the parkour route against the backdrop of the Rea Vaya bus stop really gives me comfort,” said Simphiwe Ndaba.

Parkour champion Dominique di Tomaso challenges Johannesburg [watch]

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