Parliament to discuss and vote on Tuesday’s 18th Amendment Bill-SABC News

South Africans will soon know if the Constitution’s property clause will be amended to enable: Land expropriation without compensation..

NS Constitutional Amendment Article 18 It will be submitted before the Diet on Tuesday. The Extraordinary Committee, which amends Article 25 of the Constitution, adopted the bill and its report in August.

Parliament discusses and votes on the bill.Will happen Two-thirds of the majority is required to pass the bill Some say even higher thresholds because they are related to the Bill of Rights.

It began with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) movement modified by the African National Congress (ANC), which was brought to parliament on February 27, 2018. This was the same day of the 40th anniversary of the founder’s father of bread. Robert Mangaliso Sobukuwe of the African National Congress (PAC), who died in 1978.

Julius Marema, EFF leader, said: Van Leebeck, the first descendant of the Dutch to arrive in Cape, later led an anti-black land disposal criminal project for a full-scale colonial slaughter, simply because we were unable to create a certificate of title. Claim this land, where they lived more, and for more than a thousand years it wasn’t their own. “

After that, the motion was passed.

Cedric Frolick, Chairman of the Houses of Parliament, said: Proponent 241. Opponent 83. There is no abstention and therefore agrees to the amended motion. “

The Joint Constitutional Review Board was tasked with investigating whether South Africans wanted amendments to their property clauses. It held hearings nationwide and later reported that the majority of South Africans wanted to amend Article 25 of the Constitution.

This established an ad hoc committee to initiate legislation that amends property clauses to ensure the expropriation of land with potential zero compensation.

The Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution has been drafted.

The ANC said it wanted the state to own certain lands, but the EFF urged all land and natural resources to be under state control, while other opponents said. I rejected the idea of ​​constitutional amendment.

Floyd Sivanb, EFF’s chief whip, says he believes ANC is making people fail.

“We still believe that this process is transparent and fair and consistent with what Congress requires. We do not allow the bill to expropriate land without compensation. I think this is a sold-out bill. ANC fails the public and ANC revolves around the same question that we have no choice but to engage in the exorbitant process of land reform here in South Africa. We are expanding to. “

Dr. Mator Mocheha, chairman of the ad hoc committee, said the program is undoubtedly going on.

“It’s too early for people to decide and propose that the law should be obtained because Congressmen are failing. Parliamentarians haven’t failed yet, Parliamentarians are working hard. We have agreed to the program. There is no doubt that the program will run and give the desired results. “

After a lot of hard work, the bill was adopted by the ad hoc committee in August.

Lawson Naidou of the Constitutional Promotion Council said it is still unclear whether the bill will achieve a two-thirds majority vote.

“Whether the amended bill collects two-thirds of the majority needed to be evaluated is another matter, and it will depend on the political parties in Congress. So far, it’s pretty much their position. I think there were some parties that clarified, but we need to see exactly what happened when the bill was submitted to the House of Representatives and how the parties vote. “

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is confident that the bill will not achieve a two-thirds majority vote. Democratic Alliance leader John Steen Heisen said the party would vote against the bill.

“We vote against it. I don’t think ANC has enough numbers to implement this constitutional amendment bill through the House of Representatives. It’s not radical enough for EFF. The Constitution should only be amended under very specific circumstances, and we continue to promise to ensure and reform it in South Africa through means other than constitutional amendment. So it’s a completely unnecessary bill and we want to see it defeated in the House of Representatives. “

But if it is passed, the DA threatens to go to court.

“We are also ready to address all legal issues. We believe that special amendments will be needed to interfere with the other rights and bills of rights set forth in Chapter 1 of the Constitution. If this bill is passed by Parliament, we are legally ready to challenge it. “

Some opposition remains split by the bill.

Wooter Wessels, Freedom Front Plus (FF-Plus) MP, says that if the bill is passed, it will lead to further unemployment and only disrupt the South African economy.

“Freedom Front Plus will vote against the bill on Tuesday. It is trying to amend the Constitution to provide land expropriation without compensation. Any form of expropriation without compensation will damage South Africa as a whole. We believe that it will lead to further poverty. It will lead to further unemployment and completely disrupt the South African economy. The bill will not succeed because a majority of two-thirds will not be achieved. I’m looking forward to it. “

PAC President Mzwanele Nyontsho said: “Uncompensated land expropriation is not PAC’s policy. PAC is for land ownership. PAC is for land restoration. We are a confiscated country. We. Land is forcibly taken away and our land must be returned to its legitimate owner. Anyway, as a PAC on Tuesday, we will vote in favor of uncompensated land expropriation. Because whatever annoys and annoys whites, we’re going to support it. Unless whites aren’t happy and comfortable with land expropriation, we’ll vote for it. “

It is this house that makes the final decision on whether the Constitution will be amended 18 times.

For a two-thirds majority to succeed, 266 to 267 of the 400 members of parliament will need to vote in favor of the bill.

Parliament to discuss and vote on Tuesday’s 18th Amendment Bill-SABC News

Source link Parliament to discuss and vote on Tuesday’s 18th Amendment Bill-SABC News

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