Pearl Modiadie And Andile Ncube Sparked Romance Rumours

My Hands Can’t Hold A Place! Pearl Modiadie and Andile Ncube inspired Romance rumors

Lekker is local! Pearl Modiadie and Andile Ncube seem to be trying to keep it local after realizing that their international lovers are not so in love with them.

You’ll remember that Pearl made waves when her European lover dumped her just months after welcoming her cute baby. As for Andile, the whole world so how he acted like a love puppy in pursuit of the Ugandan socialite Zari.

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From every sign, Andile and Pearl are ready to move on as they were spotted cuddling and kissing at the popular Tashas restaurant in Morningside, last month.

According to sources who spoke to a local publication they are still getting to know each other… hope ‘it won’t take months’ to get to know each other after all too short, lol.

Moving on, “The thing is not old. We’m not sure if he’s serious yet, but Andile is a flirt and Pearl is single. So we do not know how far this will go, ”a source told the publication.

However, the former Metro FM DJ has clearly argued that he wants to keep things calm, that they are just friends.

“We’re friends. We’re not going. We’re good friends,” she told the publication. Call Andile and ask him a question. We’re just good friends. I haven’t seen him in a long time, “she said. she.

“We went to Tashas. I mean, friends go for breakfast now and then, right? We are not together, ”she said.

Now, where have we heard those words? Well, the eyewitnesses are convinced that the two are very much in conflict. “They came [here] last month. They sat at the table next to the tree and held hands and touched each other like twins, ”said one of the restaurant staff.

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“They even went together and kissed in the parking lot in front of a lot of people. They looked very cozy and very approachable, ”said another staff member.

As they say where there is smoke, there is fire!

Pearl Modiadie And Andile Ncube Sparked Romance Rumours Source link Pearl Modiadie And Andile Ncube Sparked Romance Rumours

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