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Everyone loves donuts that are fried, almost caramel, outdoor and indoor air with high sweet sugar and your favorite food. But, there is an enhancement called a donut full. So we decided to bring you something special with our melktert donuts. Melktert or tart milk is a South African dessert filled with custard filled with sweet cookies or sweet bread. We used to fill the custard and put it in the donut because we could say it was amazing.

For your melktert full of donuts

Homemade donuts are some of the best examples of better cooking at home since they do not sit back and fall into the show. It’s a bit of a recipe but if you like to bake, you will enjoy it. Melktert custard is classic and easy to make with just a few ingredients. These donuts have no classic wheel shapes and are very large doughy balls of good quality that are easy to fill with pipe bags. They are hot inside so they are well filled with your custard. Put cinnamon sugar on top while still hot.

We have combined our two favorite desserts into one amazing dessert. Homemade donuts melktert are the best way to celebrate Easter with the family.

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Perfect filters in the family

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