Photos show Russia’s attacks on grain storage in Ukraine – US official – SABC News

Pictures from the US government that Reuters saw showing what the US authorities were doing were damaging grain stores in eastern Ukraine and were indicative of the seriousness of Russian attacks affecting international food supply.

These two black-and-white images showed long rectangular buildings in eastern Ukraine, first seen intact in January and then with damaged roofs and what the key calls a “crater” in March.

The US official, who commented on the unclassified photos, said the United States had information that Russian troops were repeatedly damaging grain storage facilities in eastern Ukraine.

“By the end of March, at least six grain stores had been damaged by these attacks,” the official said.

The development comes when officials around the world are worried about the consequences of global food supply since the invasion of Ukraine, the world’s fourth largest grain exporter in the 2020/21 period.

“Russia’s reckless damage to these grain silos is a clear example of how Putin’s conflict is affecting civilians in Ukraine and threatening food security around the world,” he said.

“As countries across Africa and the Middle East rely on wheat exports from Ukraine, the destruction of these food supplies and storage facilities could lead to shortages and raise prices in already fragile economies,” the official said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin describes his country’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24 as a “special military operation” aimed at destroying Ukraine’s military installations.

Biden’s regime has repeatedly publicly shared its intelligence services to put pressure on Putin over his invasion of Ukraine.

Deputy Foreign Minister Wendy Sherman said at a UN Security Council meeting in Ukraine on Tuesday that Russia had blown up at least three civilian ships carrying goods from the Black Sea ports to the outside world, including one ship leased by an agricultural company.

Sherman said Ukraine had told its colleagues that Russia was active in targeting grain silos and food depots.

The Black Sea is a major shipping route for grain, oil and oil products.

Its waters share Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and Turkey, as well as Ukraine and Russia.

Sherman said the Russian navy was blocking access to sports in Ukraine, effectively stopping grain exports and allegedly preventing about 94 ships carrying food for the world market from reaching the Mediterranean.

Photos show Russia’s attacks on grain storage in Ukraine – US official – SABC News

Source link Photos show Russia’s attacks on grain storage in Ukraine – US official – SABC News

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