Pics! Inside Kayise Ngqula’s 30th Birthday Celebration

Photo!internal Kayise Ngqula30th birthday celebration. Entering a new stage in life is a huge problem. Especially when you reach the dirty 30s. TV host and actress Kayise Ngqula recently celebrated turning 30. Of course, her loved ones had to do their best. After this weekend, Kaise’s mother gave her a surprise birthday party. There, everyone she loved attended to enjoy the moment with her.

Kaise, who was planning to use social media to participate in the work function, was overwhelmed by the surprise dinner party. Sharing the photo, Ngqula shared that he was told to participate in networking with the wealthiest people in the industry. She knew little about wealth coming in the currency of love and memories made with the special people of her life.

“”My heart’s love on Saturday, my family and close friends threw me a surprise # Powerof30 Birthday celebration. I almost rolled and realized that the supper I was told was a networking supper with the opportunity to dine with the wealthiest people of our kind and was actually held in my honor .. It was certainly a “millionaire” club. Everyone is richer in my eyes than my family. There is no amount that can be quantified. I actually get richer by knowing all of them and know that they love me so much that they have done something so wonderful and spectacular just for me. Amazwi ndiyawaswela kodwa endinayo ngumbulelo!The Lord knows I will carry all the days of my life with me tonight“She wrote.

She also wrote a heartfelt note to her mother, expressing that nothing beats her mother’s love. She also shares how surprised her mother was to be able to elicit elaborate surprises and one day become a wonderful parent of her children, just as her mother went to her. I hope that.

“The way you did this so accurately, with others in my family who are still in awe. Ndiyabulela MaMbanjwa, Gebane !! My greatest honor is with your daughter Is to be called, and I can measure up to half of your woman“She wrote.

Pics! Inside Kayise Ngqula’s 30th Birthday Celebration Source link Pics! Inside Kayise Ngqula’s 30th Birthday Celebration

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