Plan students to learn 1,700 words for the language GCSE | GCSE

The government is to promote controversial changes in the language taught in schools. England Memorize a list of 1,700 words to pass the GCSE in Spanish, French, or German.

A decision by the Ministry of Education (DfE) is coming Despite the opposition From linguistic societies, education unions, state and independent school chief teachers, and concerns that it could cause the outflow of language teachers from the profession.

Simon Hyde, the principal of an independent school and the secretary of the Mistress Conference, says his members are afraid that a narrow focus on grammar and vocabulary will keep students away from studying modern foreign languages ​​(MFLs). I did.

“This model does not allow students to be confident in their language, either at the exam level or as a life skill, to pursue further research, careers, or personal efforts,” Hyde said.

The first proposal presented at last year’s talks was criticized for removing cultural topics from the proposed course content and replacing it with a list of memorable words. DfE made some concessions in its final proposal, but one scholar rejected the revision as a “nod” to previous criticisms.

The Language Learning Association said it was “extremely disappointed” that DfE was not invited to work with the Subject Association, Examination Committee, and Head Teacher for further reviews of GCSE content and development. rice field.

School leaders said they were grateful for DfE’s decision to postpone the introduction of the reformed curriculum until September 2024. GCSE The new content will be released in the spring of 2026 and is currently attended by 7th grade students.

DfE said the consultation received 1,644 responses, the majority of which were “from language teachers who agreed with the proposal.”

Robin Walker, UK School Minister, said learning a language is “very important” to the global economy. These qualifications are more comprehensive and accessible and help more young people enjoy learning the language. “

According to DfE, students are rated at 1,200 words or a “word family.” ground When Grande As the same word in French – GCSE in the base layer and 1,700 words or “word family” in the upper layer. Primarily derived from the 2,000 most common words used in language conversations and sentences, as well as grammar and pronunciation.

However, Catrin Cole, a German professor at Oxford University, said:

“Vocabulary frequency is a context-sensitive, not absolute, statistical measure. A narrow range of vocabulary selected based on universal statistics, depending on the language and focusing on the formal language used by adults. So it’s hard to understand how we can serve the purpose of the subject. “

Jim Milton, an emeritus professor of applied linguistics at Swansea University, said that focusing on the most common words is the fact that words that are rarely used when people communicate provide most of the content. He said he was ignoring it.

“I once arrived at a hotel in Outer Mongolia. At the hotel everything was written in Chinese and no one spoke English. I wanted a cold beer, but I didn’t understand the word. He was offered an omlet after using Chinese creatively, doing a lot of curiosity and acting, “says Milton.

Plan students to learn 1,700 words for the language GCSE | GCSE

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