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Police arrested a taxi blackmailer in central Cape Town

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  • A man was arrested on suspicion of robbing his phone of a taxi driver in Cape Town in lieu of a 500 rupee blackmail charge that the driver refused to pay.
  • In a separate incident, the Western Cape’s Blackmail Task Force found unauthorized firearms and ammunition in the house of a taxi owner in Krafonfontein.
  • Authorities have tried to curb blackmailers who charge “security charges” and “route charges” to a number of businesses.

Police arrested a man accused of blackmailing one of the taxi drivers parked near the bus station in Cape Town, near Strand Street, on Thursday.

A spokesman for Captain Frederick van Wyk said the victim claimed he had been called by some taxi drivers from there and demanded 500 rupees.

“Taxi drivers threatened to seize the vehicle if he didn’t comply, but when they searched the complainant, they found he had no money,” Van Wyk said.

They then took his cell phone and said he could get it back if he paid the 500 rupees.

One of the suspects was spotted at a busy bus terminal. He was arrested Thursday night and is on trial after the indictment.

Authorities have tried to curb blackmail in the city, from demanding “protection money” from nightclub owners to demanding money cuts from anyone who travels on routes allegedly controlled by shady groups.

Some brazenly issue receipts for “fees” demanded from people who use routes already regulated by the government.

Blackmail is profitable and at times leads to violence, with a gun in its anger.

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Extortionists are also known to demand “protection” from construction companies to make sure their trucks are not attacked and their building materials remain safe.

During a debate on the state of the nation’s speech, Police Minister Bheki Cele said the blackmail steering committee was already working in the Western Cape and a national task force for all nine provinces was being prepared.

“We know that this crime is the motive for more shootings in areas like Khayelitsha and Gugulethu,” he said.

In an unrelated case, a provincial blackmail working group arrested a taxi owner in Krafonfonte on Thursday night who was holding an alleged unlicensed firearm.

The 30-year-old man had a Norinco Star pistol with a serial number filed and six 9mm bullets.

He is charged with possession of a prohibited firearm and illegal ammunition, and is brought to justice after prosecution.

Police arrested a taxi blackmailer in central Cape Town

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