Political parties welcome the decision to continue the level 1 blockade-SABC News

Political parties are mainly welcome President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement that the country remains in the level 1 blockade.

Many believe this decision is practical because it takes into account the country’s devastated economy and the livelihoods of South Africans.

However, some political parties such as ACDP and ATMs have rejected the president’s announcement that South Africa is considering introducing compulsory vaccination.

ANC spokesman Dakota Legote said the president’s decision was well thought out. “It is suggested to all of us that the President and the Commission were considerate of their decision to appreciate the fact that South Africa’s economy is a top priority. And as ANC, we welcome that particular position because it is a good gesture. “

DA leader John Steen Heisen supports the decision to keep the country open. “It’s great to see the government stop using blockades, bans on liquor, bans on the beach, etc. It’s more reaction, and certainly much more we can relate to. I think that’s the right thing to do. I agree with the President about the irrationality of the travel ban imposed on South Africa. “

Veronica Mente, EFF Chair, states that people should continue to adhere to the strict COVID-19 protocol. “We were just out of the election, we all got together, there was nothing wrong with it, and we weren’t really afraid at the time, so now the reason everyone says something is really No. Therefore, South Africans now receive most of the vaccination messages and are vaccinated and comply with Covid’s regulations on hand washing, safety, disinfection and wearing masks. “

Mkhuleko Hlengwa, an IFP spokesperson, called on South Africans to follow the COVID protocol. “This was a rational, responsive and practical outlook in the context so that we could discuss all the variables. We are taking precautions to push the virus back to South Africans. We continue to call for the utmost discipline to adhere to the protocol. “

Wouter Wessels of FFPlus states that the decision to maintain a livelihood is well received. “We welcome the fact that the President has not announced any further restrictions. It is good because it is always a balance between saving lives and saving livelihoods. At this stage, to livelihoods. Risk is as life-threatening as COVID-19. “

UDM’s Bantu Holomisa states that Congress should keep up with progress and decisions regarding COVID-19 regulation. However, we recommend that you should not exclude Congress in this pandemic in the sense that you will not get a complete briefing. There is a lack of transparency. Therefore, he needs to work with Congress. “

Mandatory vaccination

ATM leader Vuyo Zungula opposes compulsory vaccination. He states: “Thanks to the fact that he did not blockade the country, as the blockade has proven to be unsustainable and cannot exceed 600 days from the first blockade. There is only one way to deal with it. The blockade COVID-19. As an ATM, we want to warn the President that vaccination is a constitutional right for everyone to put in their bodies and therefore cannot demand a compulsory vaccine. think.”

Rev. Kenneth Meshaw, president of ACDP, says they are not for compulsory vaccination. “The only thing I welcome from what the President said is that he didn’t take us to warn us to Level 2 and also that intertravel wasn’t interrupted or banned. In general, I’m very disappointed to hear the president doing somersaults on his approach, because last year he made a clear promise that no one would be vaccinated. He’s talking about mandatory vaccinations, without saying why his position changed, without saying what I was wrong, ACDP is mandatory because I apologize for what was wrong I do not agree with vaccination.

Political parties welcome the decision to continue the level 1 blockade-SABC News

Source link Political parties welcome the decision to continue the level 1 blockade-SABC News

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