Pope names 21 new cardinals, stamping on Church future – SABC News

Pope Francis announced on Sunday that he would elect 21 new cardinals in August, including the Italian leader of the Church in Mongolia, and put his stamp on the future of Catholicism.

Of the 21, 16 are cardinal voters under the age of 80 and thus qualified to enter the party to elect a successor after his death or resignation.

Following the August 27 inauguration ceremony, known as the Convention, Francis will nominate 83 of some of the 133 Cardinal nominees, increasing the chances of his successor being a man. reflects his position on important matters.

By then Francis would have elected about 63% of the cardinal electorate, increasing their presence in developing countries, and loosening the European grip on the cardinal college.

The new electorate includes Archbishop Giorgio Marengo, an Italian who is currently overseeing the Catholic Church in Mongolia. This city is in China, where the Vatican is trying to improve the situation for Catholics.

Other cardinal candidates are from France, Nigeria, Brazil, India, United States, East Timor, Italy, Ghana, Singapore, and Paraguay. The three Vatican staff to be ordained in August are from South Korea, Britain and Spain.

In addition, Francis passed through the archbishops of the major cardinal cities before being elected in 2013, opting to elect men from far-flung places where the Church was small or young and stronger than in Europe.

By electing cardinals in Singapore, Mongolia, India and East Timor, Francis as he seeks to elevate the mountains and hills of the Church in Asia, economic and political power is growing.

New cardinals from other developing countries include the archbishop of Ecuador in Nigeria, Manaus in Brasilia in Brazil, Goa in Hyderabad in India, Wa in Ghana, and Asuncion in Paraguay.

The promotion given to Cardinal by Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, California, is significant because he was formerly an outspoken advocate of Francis’ dominance over environmental protection and the approach to Catholic homosexuality. and woman.

In making McElroy a Cardinal, Francis passed the conservative bishops of San Francisco and Los Angeles, two large cities with a long tradition of cardinals.

Pope names 21 new cardinals, stamping on Church future – SABC News

Source link Pope names 21 new cardinals, stamping on Church future – SABC News

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