Possible Development of Gambling Industry on the African Continent

The African gambling market could be compared to virtually any other industry on the continent. It has a vast potential, but it’s far from reaching it.

The gambling situation varies depending on the country. However, the estimation is that the overall contribution of the African market to the global industry is under 5%. That is good news because there’s plenty of room to improve. Here is how the gambling industry could develop in the coming years!

Taking Advantage of Online Casinos

The pandemics made people spend more time at home. That led to increased use of the internet for leisure activities. As a result, the revenue of online casinos increased significantly. These platforms offer a simple interface and a premium user experience with a wide game selection. It’s easy to go through the Africasino login process and access slots, roulette, baccarat, and other table games.

More countries seem to adopt gambling laws that include online gaming. Many governments are aware that it could bring them additional income that can boost the economic recovery. A regulated market is something the players welcome, too. They consider it a safety mechanism because the law protects them if anything goes wrong.

An Increased Number of Smartphone Users

According to reports, South Africa has about 24 million smartphone users today. That’s an increase compared to only 9.4 million in 2014. The situation is similar in other countries since more people substitute their feature phones with smart devices.

Smartphone users also increase throughout the continent. That makes online mobile casinos more accessible to the public. The fact that it’s easy to join an internet website and try casino games contributes to the gambling industry’s size.

Improved Internet Connections

It’s no secret that Africa has big problems with infrastructure. Among other things, the region invested a lot in improving access to technology for its citizens. The current internet penetration rate is only 22%, but it increases on a monthly level. Many countries also work on connection quality and offer fast connections. That contributes to a better gaming experience. If the connection works smoothly, players will enjoy online casinos more. As a result, they’ll become regulars and contribute to the industry’s development.

Relaxing Gambling Laws

Africa has countries that legalized gambling, those with unclear laws, but also places where gaming is illegal. It’s hard to see countries with a Muslim majority legalizing gambling for their citizens. However, Egypt made an adjustment that benefitted the gambling industry and the national economy. They open casinos to foreigners and allow only those with passports from other countries to enter.

Apart from relaxing the laws, countries also need to offer clear regulations. Many states don’t deal with illegal gambling operators. That affects the potential tax revenue from gaming providers but also influences players. Users would appreciate clear laws that everyone has to honor. It would guarantee a safe playing environment where they can focus on enjoying their gaming experience.

It’s worth noting that a regulated gambling market will attract big industry names. If reputable brands expand their services to Africa, that will attract new players. Apart from that, the existing providers should consider how to improve their services. An increase in the gaming selection, attractive bonuses, and competitions are only some methods of boosting the user base.

Overall Standard Increase Will Affect the Gambling Industry Development

It’s no wonder that South Africa is the biggest gambling market in the region. The purchasing power is fairly high in this country. That’s why their gaming industry will increase to over $2.3 billion by 2023.

Although it’s not as fast, other regions also note economic growth. The GDP increase in Western and Central Africa will go up to 3% in 2022. That will be a huge increase compared to 1% in 2020. As a result, the locals might have a bigger purchasing power. That could motivate them to try gambling as a leisure time activity and boost this industry.

Simplifying the Payment Systems

Some banks don’t want to do anything with gambling activities, which is why they refuse to process any deposits. The industry should put effort into simplifying the payment systems. A huge step forward was making mobile payments easier. That made the depositing process faster and effortless for the players.  Adding support for e-wallets, prepaid vouchers, and other payment methods is imperative for online casinos. Customers appreciate when depositing is simple, and that increases the chance of attracting new players to the gambling platform.

Final Thoughts

Although the players’ favorite is sports betting, there’s an increase in online gambling popularity throughout Africa. Many countries work hard on adjusting their regulations to offer a better environment for land-based and internet casinos. The providers seem interested in expanding their services to this region. That is encouraging and shows the gambling industry will continue increasing. The actual pace might be hard to determine, but players can look forward to constant improvements in the gaming market!


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