Post Covid-19, what workers want to keep

In a new global survey commissioned by Kaspersky Lab to 8,000 SMB workers across multiple industries, three-quarters (78%) of South African employees want to rethink their pre-Covid-19 work style. It became clear that there was.

Instead of returning to business as usual, workers spend more time with their loved ones (65%), save money (68%), work remotely (50%), and so on. It is shaping the future of business.

Suddenly faced with an overwhelmingly distant workforce, business leaders need to adapt quickly to maintain safety and resilience. Employees, meanwhile, use this moment of change as an opportunity to reassess yesterday’s priorities and plan the future for what really matters to them. ‘

And as work and family life change, it’s now the employees in the driver’s seat.

By removing the previously strict work bindings, employees around the world are rethinking the next common sense of work, stimulating a more agile, adaptable and humane work culture.

Going forward, 52% of South African workers want to retain a 9-5 working structure. Also, 36% are ready to look behind a fixed office desk and 41% want to finish a five-day working week.

The survey also found that 50% of employees save money (68%) and spend time with their families (65%), followed by working from home as the third major benefit of the new coronavirus by-product. I emphasized what I was seeing in.

In fact, as balancing work and life becomes even more important, most benefits revolve around pursuing new opportunities for personal fulfillment outside of work.

However, as employees continue to embrace more positive and flexible work styles, it becomes important to strengthen and adapt the support that companies provide.

To keep users productive, connectable, and secure, given that half (50%) of employees are actively seeking more technology support from their organizations when working remotely. The need to provide tools and technology has never been greater.

Alexander Moiseev, Kaspersky Lab’s Chief Business Officer, said: It is clear that this pandemic has accelerated the fusion of digital transformation with our work and family life.

“We are seeing employees who are using technology to own a new future and are willing to embrace change in pursuit of greater freedom and flexibility. We are now obliged to adapt and remodel our modern workplace to be more productive, sustainable and adaptable. “

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Post Covid-19, what workers want to keep

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