PPG makes reservations for OEM and industrial coatings

Starting December 1, 2021, PPG has appointed Thomas Li as Vice President of Automotive Coatings in the Asia Pacific region. This is one of the latest information from many management teams.

Lee will report to Vincent Robin, President of PPGVP Global Automotive Coatings and PPG Asia Pacific, and will be responsible for leading the automotive coatings business in the Asia Pacific region.

Since joining PPG in 2009, Li has taken an increasing responsibility in PPG’s automotive business. Prior to joining PPG, he held positions in several organizations in the automotive industry, such as Visteon and Michelin.

Emmanuelle Guerin, now General Manager of Global Automotive Parts at PPG, will be the VP of Automotive Coatings, Global Automotive Parts.

She will continue to report to Robin and will be based in Roll, Switzerland.

In addition, her global team will work with OEM automotive suppliers, OEM commercial vehicles (excluding North America), and mobility / electric vehicle suppliers throughout the tier chain. Gerin joined PPG in 2016 and recently led the formation of a new global automotive parts business segment.

Xiaobing Nie, now PPG GM, Industrial Coatings, Greater China will be VP, Industrial Coatings, Consumer Products of China and the World, GM, PPG China.

Nie reports to both Robin and Kevin Braun, Vice Presidents of Global Industrial Coatings, and will continue to be based in Shanghai, China. She is responsible for leveraging PPG’s product capabilities across China to enhance regional collaboration and achieve organic growth.

Knee joined PPG in 2021 from DuPont’s Asia Pacific Shelter Division after holding several commercial and marketing positions at DuPont for the past 14 years.

She worked in Huawei, Brazil and China early in her career.

PPG makes reservations for OEM and industrial coatings

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