Pravasi Bharatiya Divas: Diaspora is a powerful driver of sustainable development, says Minister Ganoo.

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The diaspora is a powerful driver of sustainable development, as it brings benefits not only to the form of investment and financial resources, but also to the strengthening of the workforce, investment and cultural diversity.

This was the heart of the message of Minister of Land Transport, Light Rail, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration, and International Trade, Alan Ganou, who virtually intervened this morning during the two-day opening ceremony. Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) Celebration of the Diaspora Day in India hosted by the University of Alliances. He was the chief guest of the virtual event.

Minister Ngannou emphasized that continued ties between India’s diasporas are essential to strengthening affiliation and affiliation and creating stronger ties of solidarity across regions, borders and seas.

He remembered that PBD is celebrated on the 9th of every yearth It was held in January to commemorate the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa to Mumbai in 1915. He said Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings, struggles and heritage still influence the Indian diaspora of Mauritius and the people of the world.

Recalling that the Indian diaspora is one of the most extensive and diverse in the world, Mauritius is also the land of countless diasporas from different continents, leading to a unique mosaic of culture, language and religion. I emphasized.

According to him, Mauritius has a set of instruments that could help boost the existing partnership between India and the Diaspora. He agreed to the recent signing of a comprehensive economic cooperation and partnership agreement between Mauritius and India in February 2021. It represents an important milestone in trade and economic relations between the two countries. Through the African Continental Free Trade Agreement, he added that Mauritius is in an ideal position to function as a bridge between India and the African Continent.

Talking about COVID-19, the Foreign Minister emphasized the need to reinvent himself and utilize new technologies to promote further economic and social progress. He said India’s diaspora will be called upon to play a more important role in opening up new opportunities and tackling new challenges.

Ngannou also remembered that 2022 will mark It is the anniversary of the establishment of India’s diplomatic presence in Mauritius, adding that a unique historical and cultural connection connects the two countries.

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas

Celebrated on January 9th each year, PBD strengthens ties with the Indian community abroad and the Government of India and reconnects them with their roots. PBD is important because it not only reunites non-resident Indians (NRIs) with their hometown, but also recognizes their achievements. The PBD Convention will help build NRI’s global network and connect young people with migrants today, enabling migrants to prosper and contribute significantly to national progress.

Several themes will be on the agenda for the virtual event scheduled for January 6th and 7th. They include: Promulgation of the Indian Religion by the Indian Diaspora. Diaspora’s Indian Educational Community: Challenges and Contributions; Global Markets and Indian Diaspora Businessmen. The impact of the Indian diaspora on the world media. Creole cuisine and Indian diaspora culinary culture.

Speakers are from Alliance University, HSBC Dubai, British Broadcasting Corporation, Mahatma Gandhi Institute in Mauritius, Microsoft India, and Global Organization People of Indian Origin.

It will be distributed by the APO Group on behalf of the Republic of Mauritius.

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas: Diaspora is a powerful driver of sustainable development, says Minister Ganoo.

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