Prayer to St. Jude-Shell’s Adversary of the Ocean Bomb

At the risk of being labeled “unawakened” by this highly emotional swell of protests against Shell, the protesters launched a five-month seismic survey off the Wild Coast in five days. Do you actually have scientific literacy?16 years of news coverage SA Medical Journal When it comes to evidence-based journalism, I sharpened my suspicion. I haven’t heard a lot of relevant expert voices directly in most mainstream media coverage. What are the mitigations (bubble curtain to hide the impact, gradually increasing strength, constant preventive sonar scan)?And where is it Verifiable Is there any evidence of damage given what has been done around the world for half a century? Anger is fun – and very catchy. Please read this before you get on the trend and then read it. The author, Ivo Vegter, has never written about environmental reporting. Extreme environmentA book on environmental exaggeration and how it harms emerging economies.This article was first published Daily friend.. – – Chris Baitman

Panic for seismic investigation off the Wild Coast

Mainstream media has voiced a very delayed campaign against upcoming seismic seismic offshore coasts of the Eastern Cape. Like activists, they are completely wrong with their facts.

The new seismic survey will begin on December 1 off the continental shelf, at least 20 km from the Eastern Cape coast between Morgan’s Bay and Port Saint Johns. This has created a new wave of environmental panic in the media and local chat groups. The investigation will be conducted by the Shearwater GeoService on behalf of the shell.

As far back as 2013, all due process has been complied with and there is no possibility of stopping it.Nevertheless Petition for seismic exploration Seismic surveys have collected 120,000 signatures from people who mistakenly believe they are catastrophically dangerous to marine life.

Daily Maverick I ran the article It uncritically cites unsupported claims by activists, such as killing fisheries. NS Email & Guardian paper Quoting “scientists”, he states the fact that “seismological exploration on wild coasts is devastating.”

Of course, the underlying motive is to oppose general oil and gas exploration, and in its pursuit, environmental activists use plausible excuses.Both articles rely heavily on the claims of anti-oil activist organizations. The sea that is not oil, The petition has started.

South Africa may be desperate for new energy sources, and new jobs in the oil and gas sector are usually not important to the wealthy elite who sign online petitions.

Both articles contain speculative claims of potential harm to marine animals by Kevin Cole, chief natural scientist at the Museum of East London.His knowledge of marine biology Not listed on his LinkedIn profile..

(In fact, he specializes in conservation biology, which is the so-called “crisis discipline” that ends species conservation on its own, separated from human welfare and socio-economic considerations. The field of conservation biology is explained in detail halfway below. This column.. It is a fundamental, nature-first ideology that reflexively opposes all human influences on the environment. )

Nuclear explosion!

Made by East London swimmer Mark Roach Campaign video This also cites Cole and Oceans Not Oil. NS Daily Maverick When Email & Guardian Articles, many other news articles, and Roach videos all occur in four days and cite about the same people. Obviously, a coordinated campaign is underway and the newspaper is perfectly okay with offering free advertising to activists.

In Roach’s video, the strength of a seismic airgun is compared to a nuclear explosion. NS Email & Guardian Janet Solomon of Oceans Not Oil said: “It’s like a spaceship taking off.”

The claim that an airgun emits a sound of 200 dB or more is correct.But neither Roach nor Solomon seem to recognize it. Underwater decibel level Do not compare the intensity of sound in the air on a one-to-one basis. Even in seismic investigations, supersonic shock waves do not occur like explosions.

200dB in the water isn’t loud, but a more accurate comparison could be the sound intensity near the speaker stack at a rock concert. All you need to do to make it deaf is to move a little further away.

There are many other sounds in the sea of ​​equal strength. The blue whale song is about 190 dB. Near the hull, the sound intensity can reach 200 dB. Whale intrusion can reach 200 dB. The number of clicks for sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins is about 230 dB. Lightning strikes on the surface of the sea that occur very often during storms can generate 250 dB of noise. Submarine volcanoes and earthquakes make even louder sounds. Seismic exploration airguns that produce over 200 dB when you are directly underneath the airgun are not a peculiar noisy.

Toot toot

Citing Cole, Roach’s video lists the potential harm of seismic exploration as tissue damage, hearing loss, and growth and reproductive effects, behavioral changes, and even death-causing stress.

What is not mentioned in the video is the actual incidence of these harms. Cole does not quote the source and uses hopeful phrases such as “they are known.”

Many things Maybe … Do harm. If you sit directly in front of a train horn, a truck horn, or a ship horn, you will probably suffer from permanent deafness and heart attack. If I survive, I will suffer from extreme stress and my behavior will change fairly rapidly from chilling to escaping.

To avoid this trauma, I moved out of the way long before oncoming vehicles, trains, and ships arrived at me. Sound is attenuated by the square of the distance from the sound source, so even if you keep a reasonable distance from a very large sound source, the sound intensity can be dramatically reduced.

The same thing happens at sea. Marine animals can hear survey vessels approaching from miles away and only move out of the way. Only animals that remain very close to the airsoft array can suffer speculative harm from Cole. Distance squared rules also save lives on the ocean floor out of the way.

Towards the end of Daily Maverick According to the article, seismic vessels maintain an exclusion zone and shut down when large marine animals such as whales and dolphins enter this area. It is simply not plausible that the speculated harm of a call can occur on a wide scale.

Short-term avoidance

The video shows a photo of a marine mammal washed up on the beach, cut by a journalist named Michael Louwe (Michael Louwe).People who are completely invisible to Google), Who says: “There is no research they can show us to prove that what they are trying to do with those airguns does not cause great devastation and damage.”

I’m sure he didn’t actually ask, as there are certainly studies showing that.

Four years ago, there was a similar panic along the coast of the Garden Route. Same story: Marine animals will die, fishing will be destroyed, and tourism will suffer.

Me Then I looked it up, And it turned out to be just hysteria. What I wrote at that time was: Lots of research NS Impact of Earthquake survey on Maritime life.. Survey results … It was found that the reaction of marine organisms to the air guns used in the seismic survey was mainly limited to short-term avoidance behavior. Physical harm occurred only over very short distances, and investigations found no evidence of significant long-term adverse effects on fisheries or other marine life.but Greenpeace researcher No evidence of physical harm was found, and he said the sound of the airgun was very similar to the sound of a whale invading.

NS Email & GuardianThe article cites Dr. Simon Elwen, a zoologist at the University of Stellenbosch, in his honor. It’s a behavioral change, like a move away from the sound source, but as far as I know, there is no clear link between seismic investigation and cetacean stranding (single, mass, whale, dolphin).

Then it’s not too worrisome. Still, Elwen believes that seismic investigations should not be conducted because “we now have renewable energy.”

Perhaps he does not know that seismic investigations are not limited to the oil and gas industry.They are Many other purposesIncludes port and ship waterway engineering, geological research, earthquake and tsunami preparedness, submarine cable and pipeline installations, and… choice of location for offshore renewable energy equipment.

In fact, seismic surveys date back to the 1950s. They are not new. They are very common. Hundreds of thousands are done all over the world. And they aren’t thinning out marine life everywhere. (In contrast, the fishing that activists want to protect is Have Thinned marine life. )

Beach picket

Roach’s video is cut into a beach picket scene where a surfer man attacks a small number of healthy, wealthy, white people. NS Follow-up articles In Daily MaverickTaking the exact same activist policy, four days after the first article, also portrays this little protest.

Possibility that one of them has I have read a dissertation It seems slim about how seismic exploration works.

“I want my kids to experience the Wild Coast someday,” I read a placard of a protester who was clearly misinformation. As if seismic exploration, or possibly oil and gas production, would destroy the wild coast.

Was the Garden Route destroyed four years ago when everyone was absorbed in the imminent seismic exploration? of course not. No one was aware.

Protesters have no rational argument. Emmoting is fashionable, so they are emmoting. It feels good to be indignant, so I am indignant. They are having fun in the sun.

According to Pam Ntaka, a spokesman for Shell Downstream South Africa Daily Maverick In the article, a full stakeholder consultation process was undertaken, the environmental management plan was published, and all legal approvals were obtained by 2013. Everything from now on is completely over.

The panicked petition signed by an indignation activist in this late stage is totally pointless, but it doesn’t surprise me. What surprises me is that the media is so critical of these activists against the legitimate industry when their claims are clearly ignorant, false or highly exaggerated and easily exposed. I don’t support it.

When this seismic survey is actually done, no one will notice and everything will be fine.

  • Ivo Vegter is a freelance journalist, columnist and speaker who loves to uncover myths and misunderstandings, working on topics from the perspective of personal freedom and the free market. As an independent researcher, he is the author of a recent report from the South African minibus taxi industry, the Institute of Race Relations (IRR), assessing the potential for innovation and modernization in this important transportation sector. increase.

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Prayer to St. Jude-Shell’s Adversary of the Ocean Bomb

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