President must not hide behind a clean, procedural smoke screen: Steenhuisen – SABC News

President of the Democratic Alliance (DA) John Steenhuisen and President Cyril Ramaphosa Alleged cover-up from a robbery on his farm.

Ramaphosa is currently struggling to avoid the aftermath of a criminal charge brought against him by former spy boss Arthur Fraser.

Steenhuisen says the president must be clean and not hide behind a procedural smoke screen. He asserts that neither the police nor any other aspect of the investigation will prevent us from providing the state with a complete and honest account of the incident.

Steenhuisen says too many questions remain unanswered about the robbery allegations and what the president didn’t report to SAPS.

“How much money was on the farm and in what currency was it kept? How much did you steal? How did this foreign currency get into the country? How long has it been kept on the President’s estate? Is correct exchange control observed? And does the president still have foreign currency on his farm or other property? Likewise, there are many unanswered questions regarding the handling of the robberies themselves, particularly not reporting them to the South African Police (SAPS),” adds Steenhuisen.

“South Africa needs to know if the president has no faith in SAPS, or if there is some other reason the police put this crime on hold. South Africa also needs to know whether the president has paid for the silence of suspects and/or witnesses. Was he kidnapped and interrogated, or he used his position as head of state and state resources for private business and private investigations?” The representative of the Democratic Alliance explained.

The video below reports the story in more detail.

‘Smear Campaign’

Political analyst Professor Pieter Duvenage said the allegations against President Ramaphosa could be a slander campaign ahead of the final issuance of a State Occupation Report that includes an investigation into the National Security Agency.

Duvenage said the timing and motives of the criminal charges levied against the president by the former National Security Agency should be questioned.

Duvenage believes this could be a political motive. “Why now? It seems he and the intelligence community have had this information for a while since 2020. The question is, why are we in the middle of what we might call ANC election season right now. We are already in Eastern Cape, Having Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, and now Limpopo as the districts to elect those who will run for the general election of the ANC, the timing is interesting and the timing is the context.”

President must not hide behind a clean, procedural smoke screen: Steenhuisen – SABC News

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