President, Speaker pushing for the political federation of the East African Community

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President Museveni and Chair Anita Among have put forward the case for the political integration of the East African Community.

Speaking at the inauguration of Members of Parliament at the Parliamentary Forum for East African Community Affairs at the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, Museveni said countries willing to politically unionize should do so without waiting long for the undecided.

“If people had listened to me, we would have had a federation long ago; it’s not true for those who have problems [with political federation] veto those who want to move,” said Museveni.

Museveni said integration was a guarantee of regional security and praised the Parliamentary Forum on EAC Affairs chaired by MP Dickson Kateshumbwa (NRM, Sheema City) as a step in the right direction in involving leaders in integration.

“United to create prosperity for your people as well as for strategic security; I am very happy that you have formed this group… it is a matter of survival,” said Museveni, blaming local bureaucrats and some political actors for the stalled political integration.

Speaker Between, in a speech read by the Deputy Chair, Thomas Tayebwa cited non-tariff barriers as integration torpedoes, calling on member states to eliminate the same in line with the East African Community Public Market Protocol.

“As you probably know, there are non-tariff barriers that hinder the EAC integration process; there is a need to remove them to facilitate cross-border trade and opportunities in the region,” he said.

Domestication of the East African Legislative Assembly Act, said the spokesperson for Antara, is an important factor enabling integration, which Parliament will eagerly spearhead.

“…other important areas that need urgent attention are ensuring the domestication and implementation of the Laws enacted by the East African Legislative Assembly; many useful observations and recommendations were made in the report of the EAC Committee… You all need to be reassured that this will be followed up,” he said.

Deputy Chair Thomas Tayebwa, in his remarks, urged President Museveni to consider with his fellow heads of state the idea of ​​having representatives of the East African Legislative Assembly as Ex-Officio MPs in their respective countries, which he said would create a better reporting mechanism on the progress of the African Community. East.

The impassioned orator, Prof Patrick Lumumba from Kenya said EALA’s future representatives should be directly elected by the people to “bring the masses to the idea of ​​an East African federation.”

He also described the EAC as “a body that stands in the air but does not stand firm in people’s hearts and minds.”

Prof Lumumba encouraged President Museveni to personally ensure community federation in his lifetime.

EALA Speaker, Hon. Martin Ngoga said the EAC performed well compared to other regional blocs urging the leadership to continue political integration efforts.

“The community we have today is performing well; it is ranked as the best performing regional bloc…because we are the best structured infrastructure to advance the community; we are the most ambitious,” he said.

dear Kateshumbwa said it was time for the region to stop bragging about its strategic advantages and actually use it for integration.

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President, Speaker pushing for the political federation of the East African Community

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