Primary education commits to eradicate sewer toilets from at least 1000 public schools – SABC News

The Ministry of Education says that will be the case eliminate hollow toilets from at least 1000 public schools across the country this fiscal year.

The Deputy Minister of Basic Education, Reginah Mhaule, announced this in a debate in the Althingi when the department’s budget was approved by the Althingi.

The department’s budget for the current financial year 2022/23 is R29 billion.

Mhaule says the eradication of dangerous pit toilets is only one of the priorities of the year under discussion here.

Last year, the South African Human Rights Commission revealed that more than 3,000 public schools in six provinces had sewer toilets. The Commission’s report also mentioned that some of the challenges facing these schools include sanitation and water shortages.

The Deputy Minister says that part of the department’s priority is to eradicate pit toilets in the current financial year.

“The sixteen schools that remain on the acid plan will receive a complete set of appropriate toilets this financial year. In the same way, the remaining 1,550 schools in the security plan will be replaced by a complete set of appropriate toilets. In terms of utilization of allocated budgets, we are proud to announce that we have utilized 100 percent of the accumulation subsidy for school facilities and 99 percent of the basic infrastructure subsidy, “says Mhaule.

Cases of gender-based violence, bullying and racism in public schools have escalated in certain districts. And the deputy minister says a comprehensive sister ward campaign has been developed to address these challenges.

“This sector approach has been adopted by the department, which recognizes the enormous challenges that all students and teachers face in responding to the evolution of bullying and gender-based violence and homicide. The campaign is supported by other sister departments such as Health, Social Development, Home Affairs, Judicial and Constitutional Development, Communications and Digital Technology as well as the South African Police. The campaign will be launched in the remaining six districts, especially in a hot spot in the coming financial years, “Mhaule explains.

Angie Motshekga, the Minister of Basic Education, also told the virtual meeting that as part of tackling unemployment, they had created almost 600 job opportunities for young people in the primary education sector.

“From December 2020 to now, we have managed to create more than 596 job opportunities for young people in different fields and we have allocated a budget of R13 million. I would also like to inform this House about some of our policy areas so that we will be judged on what we said we would do. Our six priorities to remind the house is that we are committed to continuing to lay a solid foundation for a high-quality and efficient education system as well as providing some kind of skills in the future, “says Motshekga.

The Minister announced that food supply in schools will also receive a larger share in the budget in the financial year under review.

Primary education commits to eradicate sewer toilets from at least 1000 public schools – SABC News

Source link Primary education commits to eradicate sewer toilets from at least 1000 public schools – SABC News

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